How to get there


  No. 127, Hanzhong Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan


Wednesday   4PM–12AM

    Thursday   4PM–12AM

          Friday   4PM–12AM

   Saturday    4PM–12AM

      Sunday   4PM–12AM

   Monday    4PM–12AM

   Tuesday   4PM–12AM


NO CHARGE | Street Food : NTD 100-200


Starting at Lungshan Temple

-from modern toilet, you are actually also here in ximending night market. just walk around!

Starting at Taipei Main Station (since our hotel is actually near here)

-Board the Taipei Metro Bannan Line (blue line) toward dingpu

-exit train at Ximen

-exit station and follow signs for 6

-take a right on Hanzhong street

-turn left on emei street

-then right on wuchang street section 2 lane 50

-then left on xining south road lane 50

-walk straight ahead and destination will be seen 

Friendly Advise:

It's better to use MAPS or GMAPS if you're confused about the streets


Also known as the Ximending Youth Night Market. I consider this as my number 1 night market in Taiwan. It looked like a classy mall in the market. Although I will warn you about this street food that they are making which they called stinky tofu. Thats the part that I hate there because you can smell it in most of the stalls you passes by because it's a well known street food in Taiwan. The smell is DISGUSTING though they said it's good but I will never want to try. NO.


Moving on...

I have found the best drink ever tasted in my life here and I am not exaggerating. One reason I went back on our very last day just to get this again.


This drink is picture worthy too and not just the looks is pleasing but also the taste, 


You just have to walk around ximending night market to find it. It's easy to spot since of it's colorful banner.

Let me introduce you to Dream Color!

This drink almost literally translate it's name to the one they are making. They make fruit mixed tea with pulp or milk tea with bobba and both go with attracting color that becomes luminous under the light which makes it a dreamy color. This is my favorite drink indeed! Prices shown below along with their flavor's Menu.

Their bottle and color goes so well to attract my eyes because these cuties are the coolest drink I have ever seen and had!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We took their Top 1, Top 2 and mango milk shake flavor (because, I love Mango!) and it's all worth it!. Me and my boyfriend went walking around ximending complimenting the drink in every sip that we had.  So, you better hunt these guys and get to try it!

Even without my persuasion, I know you guys already love this drink ( which I don't get payed advertising it haha). 

Not just that, I know you'll love their street food too, though it's a little over pricey when compared to Philippine's street food. But hey, try it till you can since you're not always here in Taiwan. Try at least one because it is good and it taste different than the ones we have.

My boyfriend tried the spicy chicken popcorn with garlic powder and minced onion leaf on top of it. He is so happy even in the picture for it's a good choice! Me on the other hand chose the fried gigantic squid which he chopped up and put some flavoring of my personal choice from their option. Were both satisfied and wanted to eat more but one box from it is already good enough for us. 

There's actually a lot more to try there like the stinky tofu, waffles, shrimp, takoyaki etc.

Hope you guys enjoy it too!

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