Chasing Waimea Valley's Waterfalls

If you're a fan of waterfalls and hiking activities this would be the best place for you if you're in Oahu Hawaii. A 2 hour bus ride away from the city, I travel to see it's beauty as not most of the tourist knew about this hidden Waterfalls. 

Getting there is quite fun because you will see the bus traveling at the very edge of the island. A huge Waimea Valley sign from the outside let us know that we are finally there.

You'll see a long walk way going to the information area for people who wanted to hike the valley and see the falls. 

Walking deeper into it we saw how beautiful the surrounding is, so I just have to pose and be back on track. It's kind of scary because the wall-like on the other side is like gigantic rocks waiting to fall on us so run! Just kidding, I mean it does look like that but It's just how nature is but who knows when those mights rocks might fall.


Arriving at the information booth.

They open at 9am-5pm everyday.

For those who have cars, I definitely recommend that you go as early as possible because this place can get crowded and there's not enough parking for everyone. 

The entrance fee is $16 per head and for many this seems a little bit overpriced. Well like I told you, it is Hawaii so prices are expected to be high most times.

I ended up chasing peacocks since they are all freely walking around the area to welcome visitors or play around. They are really aloof though but that's ok at least I get to take picture with it. 

This is such a warm welcome from Waimea and I didn't get to be at the information yet but they already amazes me in so many ways.

For remembrance, I suggest you get one of these stuff where you make your own coin by putting it in this machine. put coins, roll it and there you go, the magic machines mixes your penny and quarters to create a Waimea valley coin for you to keep.