Depends where you are heading


THSR or Taiwan High Speed Rail is Taiwan's public transportation system which is really convenient as it connects towns and cities closer. People from anywhere in Taiwan will easily get to go anywhere in Taiwan with their High Speed Rail. 

With this, travelers like us can easily get from north to south and a chance to go in most places. 


We always get the earliest trip which is at 6:30am. For thsr there are two different trains, one is the fastest in which they have a few stops to Kaohsiung and one is the slowest in which case, stops on every station of the THSR. You can get to choose which one you will prefer.

For travelers, it's always safe to book the ticket ahead as it gets fully booked most of the days.

Be sure to read your ticket as to which platform you should go, what train number, your car number and the time of your trip as there are two entrance specifically for your ticket.

Also, be sure you are entering the right door on your car. They a lotted you a seat number and you should know which door to enter best by following these signs. Don't cross yellow line!!!! The lights on the yellow line will light if the train is coming.

Remember I told you about the fast and slow train.  1A is the slow train, though it leaves a little earlier than the other it still arrives later. The reason behind that are the stops it's going to make compare to 1B with lesser station stops.

It's just like riding the plane when you are looking for the seats. Their even numbers are all on the left side and all the odd numbers are on the right. 

You can see this on the front of your seat. They have a desk so you can eat a meal if you need too and they sell some snacks and beverages on the train too if you want. It goes around so wait for it.

On this seat map you can see which cars have the toilet, vending machine, breast feeding, charging station and the train master.

Now, were ready to explore more town and cities!!!!

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