The Iscreamist

Where food is art


Iscreamist is an Ice cream shop like no other yet in the Philippines. Why is that so? Because of it's different way of making and presenting Ice cream. Changing their ways adds up a perception to people about eating their ice cream. If you think eating ice cream is fun already, wait till you try this as this gives us both the excitement and thrill of eating it.



unit 1 SB residences, #302 P. Dela cruz st., san bartolome, novaliches, quezon city, 1116

metro manila, philippines

Their Menu

Suit yourself as you decide which one is best to try. Their most popular would be the {dragon's breath} .

we decided to try the dragons breath and the Toasted Marsh mallows

everything in the menu is actually nice so i wouldnt recommend you anything because i guarantee you that no matter what you choose will bring you delight for they look amazing and they are delicious.



So this is how their lab looks like. This kind of process is more likely called, the  science of art in which that they experiment or apply experimentation into food that results to a one of a kind creation.


how do they make it ?

well I cant tell you for sure how but i know they use liquid nitrogen and flash freezing.

Liquid nitrogen is used to make an instant ice cream. It also causes the fat and the water particles to stay very small that gives it a creamy consistency.

the dragon's breath
toasted marshmallow

These are the orders we had and i am very excited to try them. they really don't cause that much at all even compare to the mall.


the dragon's breath is more like an ice cream biscuit in a stick. Which when you dip into the liquid nitrogen will turn out to be a smoky ice cream.


 the toasted marshmallow on the other hand is a little fancier. toasted marshmallow on top, dulce de leche, graham, marshmallow puff and blueberry gel at the bottom. 

1 cup

Liquid Nitrogen

Ice cream


Steel Tray

Place mat




the Stages of Eating the Dragon's breath

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