Taiwan trip

For the following attraction you can start at:

Taipei Main Station - Fo Guang Shan Temple

-Board the taiwan high speed rail THSR toward zuoying

-exit train at zuoying 

-outside the station there's a bus stop

-board the kaohsiung bus EO2 toward foguangshan monastery

-exit bus at the destination

Fo Guang Shan Temple - Pier 2 Arts
-go to the buddha memorial hall stop

-board kaohsiung bus 8010 toward fengshan

-Exit bus at fongshan junior high school station (post office)

-enter the station

-board the kaohsiung MRT orange line train Toward sizihwan

-exit train at yangchengpu

-exit station follow signs for 1

-just walk straight ahead

-destination will be near the ocean


Pier 2 Arts - Fongyi academy

-walk back to yangchengpu station

-board the kaohsiung MRT orange line train Toward daliao

-exit train at fongshan

-exit follow signs for 2

-walk straight zhonghua street 

-turn right on xinyi street

-then right on caogong road

-then left on fengming street

-destination will be right after fenggang road lane 17 alley 1 on your left.

Fongyi academy - Dadong Park

-Start on Fengming street

-walk towards the main road (zhongzheng road)

-then turn right on zhongzheng road

-then left on guangyuan road

-walk straight and you will see dadong park on your left.

Dadong Park - Dome of light

-walk to dadong station

-board the kaohsiung MRT orange line train Toward sizihwan

--exit station follow signs for 1

-Arrived at the destination

Dome of light - Dragon Tiger Pagoda

-board the kaohsiung MRT red line toward gangshan south

-exit train at ecological district

-go to the Ecological District station

-Board the han-cheng bus 35A toward aozhidi Station

-exit bus at lianchitan 

-walk straight

-turn right on liantan road

-walk ahead

-destination on your right

Dragon Tiger Pagoda - Spring and Autumn Pavillions

-walk liantan road hedding to your right.

-destination on your right

Taiwan's Itinerary