Taiwan's Itinerary

Taiwan trip

For the following attraction you can start at:

Taipei Main Station - Yehliu Geopark

-Board the taipei metro bannan line train (blue line) toward nangang

-exit train at zhongxiao xinsheng

-exit station follow signs for 4

-walk to national taipei university of technology shongxiao stop

-board the keelung bus 953

-exit bus at yehliu geology park

-just keep walking downhill till you see destination

Yehliu Geopark - Jiufen Old Street
-walk back to yehliu stop where you get off

-but catch the one on the opposite street

-board the kuo kuang bus 1815

-Exit bus at tan-mei park

-walk to tanmei elementary school stop

-board the keelung bus 1062

-exit bus at jiufen old street

-walk uphill and destination will be there

Jiufen Old Street - Shifen old street

-walk to jiufen police station

-board the keelung bus 788

-exit bus at rueifang station

-enter rueifang station

-board taiwan railway local train 4718 towrd jingtong

-get off at shifen