Taiwan's Itinerary

Taiwan trip
1st day

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For the following attraction you can start at:
Taipei Main Station - Museum of Contemporary Arts

-Start on chengde road section 1.

-take a right on chang-an west road.

-destination is on your left.

Museum of Contemporary Arts - Ximen Red House
You would want to take a walk to Zhongshan station.

-facing Museum of Contemporary arts,

-walk to the right for 2 blocks

-take a left on nanjing west road lane 18

-zhongshan station will be on your left.

-board the taipei metro Songshan-xindian line (green mrt line) toward xindian

-exit train at ximen

-exit station follow signs for 1

-walk at chengdu road

-take a left at chengdu road lane 10

-destination will be at your right.

Ximen Red House - Presidential Palace

-go back at ximen station.

-on the other side of the station where you exited.

-take baoqing road

-turn right on chongqing south road section 1

-destination is on your right

Presidential Palace-Yongsui street
-take a left to baoqing road

-then right on bo-ai road

-take a left on yungsui street


Yongsui street - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

-go back to ximen station

-board the taipei metro songshan-xindian line (green line) toward xindian

-exit train at chiang kai shek memorial hall

-exit follow signs for 1

-destination is on the left side

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall - Bopilao Ancient Street

-walk to chiang kai shek memorial hall station

-board the taipei metro songshan - xindian line (green line) toward songshan

-exit train at xiaonanmen

-exit station follow signs for 1

-walk the aiguo west road

-then walk to nanning road

-turn right at guangzhou street

-destination is on your right

Bopilao Ancient Street - Lungshan Temple

-facing bopilao

-walk to your left straight ahead for about 3 blocks

-lungshan will be on your right

Lungshan Temple - Modern Toilet Restaurant

-walk to longshan temple station

-board the taipei metro bannan line train (blue line) toward nanggang

-exit train at ximen

-exit station follow signs for 6

-take right of hanzhong street

-turn left at emei street

- take a right at wuchang street section 2 lane 50 

-turn left at xining south road lane 50

-destination is on your right.

Modern Toilet Restaurant - Ximending Night Market

-from modern toilet, you are actually also here in ximending night market. just walk around!