Known for it's rich economy and aboriginal cultures. Although remained undiscovered and underrated, Taiwan hides beautiful sceneries, culture and attractions waiting to be discovered... 


Taiwan's Weather

* Winter
December - February
* Spring
March -
* Summer
June - August
* Autumn
September - November

Taiwan's Visa Info for Filipinos

Philippine Passport holders are visa free only from  NOVEMBER 2017 - JULY 31  2019
*Passport validity must be 6 months before expiration
*Diplomatic and Officials passport holders are not eligible for a visa-free.
*Return ticket must be provided
*No Criminal record in Taiwan
*Proof of Accomodation
*Proof of Purpose (ex. Itineraries)
*Non visa-free for more than 14 days of stay.

What you should know?

*People say it's best to exchange your money someplace else instead of just in the airport because their rates are higher, NOPE! WHY?
Aside from giving yourself the stress of looking for the best money exchange rate,
you are also wasting your time looking for it instead of enjoying your trips.
Plus, don't it cost you a lot more by commuting to just have your money exchanged somewhere. 
I'll tell you this now, Taiwan's Public Transportation is a bit of expensive. 
*Don't bring your Philippine peso because you wouldn't be able to have it exchange in Taiwan because there's not too many places that accepts peso.
* Don't choose a flight that is cheap yet your arrival and departure time is at midnight, Transportation is very expensive and trains don't run 24/7 so you might end up taking a taxi instead that will cost you $1500 NTD and more each trip to Taipei and vice versa. Imagine that?

Places that are Best to Stay

Near Train Stations                                                       *Ximen
        *Dingxi Station                                                                  *Taipei 101
           *Taipei Main Station
If you really want to save money and time, it's bet to stay in one of those places above to free yourself from a lot of train transfer plus those places are the most accessible to the airport.

Where did we book our Stay?

Aside from it's one of the cheapest site to book your hotel to, you can also actually get awesome discounts, miles points, sweet deals and so much more!
Knowing me, I only go for the best and legit! I'm the woman of doubts and I always want to make sure that my plans wouldn't get ruined.
They also have a good and efficient customer service that you can call to assist your needs and concerns.

Data Coverage

Based from my experience upon staying in Taiwan for 10 days, this sim card gave us no problem when it comes to connection because it's even faster than the wifi we have in our hotel. Plus it is on a budget price even for 10 days unlimited use that you can also share with your friends through hotspot. So, I Highly recommend Klook's 4g Unite traveler Sim Card .
Take note of their requirements to claim this sim card and the store hours. The store is only open till 1am so be sure that you will be there on or before that time to claim it. You will also need a valid i.d. and passport to claim it. 


The best thing to get is.. The Taipei Pass. Specially if you are gonna commute a lot on bus and trains because this pass can be used unlimitedly depending on the validity of card.
So you get to commute as much as you can in a day if you purchase an all day unlimited pass or 2 days unlimited pass and so on and so fort. Though it's only available to use on a certain bus and not for buses with 4 digit route number and on MRT Stations. 
Or you can also get The EASY CARD. Aside from it's widely used, it's the most trusted and most accessible in most of the buses, mrt stations and even in paying for the zoo entrance. It is also reloadable in most 7/11 stores or Mrt stations nationwide. This is what we use because in our itinerary we plan on using the Ubike and a lot of walking so we really didn't need to over use our pass for transportation.
It's $100 for the card purchase itself and you can put load on it or refund it at any 7/11 stores, Mrt Stations, Taouyuan Airport and easy card customer service centers. 

Taoyuan Airport - Taipei

The best and fastest way to get to Taipei is through this Taiwan Airport MRT. You'll know it when you follow the signs pointing to the MRT and it's all purple in colors because this is their express train to Taipei.


Price: $160 NTD  Hours: 6:00am -11:00pm

Our ultimate DIY Taiwan itinerary!!!

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