How to get there


555, Taiwan, Nantou County, Yuchi Township


           Friday   9:30AM–5PM

            Saturday   9:30AM–5:30PM

               Sunday   9:30AM–5:30PM

       Monday   9:30AM–5PM

      Tuesday    9:30AM–5PM

Wednesday   9:30AM–5PM

      Thursday   9:30AM–5PM


850 NTD


Starting at Taichung Wuri Station


-If you are at THSR Taichung Station

-follow exit signs for 5

-walk to taiwan high speed rail Taichung Station

-Board the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Route bus toward sun moon lake

-get off at Puli Transfer station

-Board the nantou bus 6667 toward shuili

-get off at Formosa Cultural Village

Friendly Advise:

- for this trip, i suggest you rather rent a car to get to see most of the mountain side attractions

-It's better to use MAPS or GMAPS if you're confused about the streets


Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station is part of the Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village. Wondering why it cost a lot? It includes this famous ropeway from Formosa to Sun Moon Lake for a roundtrip or unlimited ride.

If you enter on the Sun Moon Lake Side they will charge you $300 NTD just for sun moon lake ropeway itself and you have to pay another $850 NTD if you want to enter the park. So you decide :) 


Add some thrill on riding the Sun moon lake ropeway by trying their crystal cable car.

As you can see in the picture, crystal cable car is the cable car that's glass floor where you can actually see how high you are above ground.

It will definitely give you a heart attack! Just kidding

It will definitely give you a heart attack! Just kidding

Enjoy the view of the lake as you pass by over the mountain.

Arrived at Sun Moon Lake. Get to enjoy the moments and relaxing aura in here.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station

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