Songshan Park

We really don't have a plan of going in here but our day 3 is kind of our rest day and we plan to stroll around Taipei with Ubike (I'll explain about this in the other picture). 

So upon biking the city, we stumble upon this park and decided to take a picture with this Taipei blocks. They also have a shopping mall right beside this park in which you can buy clothes or food.

Plus the park is kinda big with a big exhibit hall inside. That time there was a faber and castle event going on but we didn't wanna go inside besides, we plan to go places.

A selfie from cuties exhibit, still we didn't go inside because we want to explore Taipei instead.

Just took a quick photo and go. 

How to get here?

Taipei Main Station - Songshan Park

-Board the taipei metro bannan line train (blue line) toward nangang

-exit train at Sunyat sen memorial hall

-exit station follow signs for 3

-walk left after exiting then you'll see the park.