Solaire Resort and Casino


Enjoy an amazing stay of luxury in Philippines' Premiere Integrated Resort located in Manila.

Rated 5 star in Forbes Travel Guide, this hotel is more than just lavish. "Solaire boasts 800 luxurious resort-style accommodations in two distinctive towers, extensive dining options, impressive gaming facilities and state-of the art lyric theatre that has changed the way people view resort casinos in Manila." According to Solaire.


Solaire offers more than a comfortable and secured stay but also elegance and luxury. With a sophisticated aura this hotels gives of, it will surely make you feel more than satisfied in your stay.

Ready to see more of Solaire?

We stayed at Solaire to celebrate our fourth year anniversary.

How to Get Here?


From Naia Airport:

It's best to ride a taxi to get here because there's not that much transportation that goes exactly where it is located. So it's either you get a taxi or walk your way there.

All you have to say is to drop you off at Solaire's Lobby and be sure that the taxis are using their meter for you to be sure that you're paying them the right amount.


Relaxing is something I rarely do since I work a lot, but every vacation I have I wanted it to be stress free. 

I am really picky when it comes to where I should be staying. Picky yet not an expensive kind of picky. I don't mind staying in the cheapest hotel in town nor the most expensive as long as it meets my needs.

What are my needs and why it's important?

you can read it on my blog: 

For now, I want to show you how it feels like relaxing in

Solaire Resort and Casino

Photo Grabbed From their site.

We got the Grand Deluxe Facing the Bay. You actually get to choose between the garden view, city view or the bay view.The lady who assisted me while checking in is nice and knowledgeable enough to answer my questions which made it an easy transaction.

I initially chose the garden view in which she told me that there's not that much to see there and suggested to book the bay view instead. I absolutely didn't regret doing so. 


The room is spacious and elegant. I felt like I'm in a mansion's room for its interior is lavishly designed from the ceiling, walls, furnitures and floors.


There's so much beautiful views around here so all you have to do is walk around and check it out. The area is pretty much free to wander.



Experiencing exceptional Korean Barbeque Dining

Operating Hours:

10:30 AM- 12:00 MN

Looking for a remarkable Korean dining experience? I'm about to introduce you KIWA - fine Korean specialties in the country.

With their intricate interior restaurant design, cute welcoming lobby, Korean themed dining and nice, hospitable, and  knowledgeable staff.


Fancy and Cutie Welcoming Lobby
Palatable DIsh
Cordial waitress
happy customers
satisfied customers 



Providing you a World Class Gaming experience.

But every gamer should be responsible of their action. Don't ruin the fun as you play in Solaire's Casino

I'm not a gamer specially this type of game play although I guess this won't kill me trying. There's always a first time fore everything.

If you're a gamer yourself, I suggest you try Solaire's Casino as this very place gives you a relaxing, peaceful game area that you can enjoy with your friends.

My boyfriend playing at Solaire's Casino

Me playing at Solaire's Casino


Operating hours:

Monday to Sunday 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Solaire’s wellness space is equipped with the latest and most advanced gym equipment from Technogym, an award-winning Italian manufacturer recognized for producing premium-grade and bio-mechanically precise workout equipment.


Solaire worked with E-Sports International to design and build the center, featuring an impressive installation of world-class gym equipment that makes it a favorite destination to local and foreign guests. Amp up your staycation by sweating it out at the luxury Solaire hotel gym.

- Solaire Resort

Here is

Solaire's Gym Facility


Enjoy a day under the sun while dipping your body in Solaire's Azure pool with your family, friends and the kids or enjoy the hotel's night light for a relaxing and romantic night spent with your love one.

So be sure to bring your swim suites for an amazing, comfortable and relaxing experience to cool off your body.

1. Prepare your Bathing Suites
2. Elevator ride to the pool
3. Enjoy a relaxing  stay at the pool

Prepare your bathing suites and bath robe before going to the pool area. They only allow people who wears their swim suits to swim. 

Life guards are always on duty to check your kids or people who might get drown.

Towels are also available at the pool area but you cannot bring it out.

Fancy elevator ride to the pool as this is the only access to it so bring your master keys.

A one of a kind elegant way to spend your night relaxing at the side of the pool. Where you see the building, pool lights and the stars

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