Experience a Lavish tour at this Lion City that is now making it's name flourished for showing of spectacular architectures and man made city garden that is definitely a jaw dropping sight.

Do's and Dont's



  • Do stay LEFT at all times, from walking the streets, Driving, riding escalators.

  • Do leave a little something on the plate as you finish or you will be considered rude.

  • Do point with your thumb instead.

  • Do flush your toilet after use as it is actually illegal to leave it un flushed.

  • Don't bring nor chew gums in Singapore unless you have prescription or you'll get arrested.

  • Don't litter because they have strict laws enforced for people who litters or a thousand dollars fine. 
  • Do not spit anywhere in Singapore.
  • Do not smoke anywhere in Singapore except in certain places they allotted for it.
  • Do not get involved in any drugs because they have a mandatory death penalty for it.
  • Do not touch someone's head as it is considered sacred.
  • Do not bring in or eat food on the MRT or you'll be fined for up to $5000sgd.
  • Do not point using your index finger as it is considered rude.
  • Do not pick flower or $1000.


Changi Airport


The Airport that can also be your touring spot.  This world's best airport indeed cater almost everything you can ask for. From Cinemas, Gardens, Slides, Shower rooms, swimming pool inside the airport and so much more. 

Arriving at Changi Airport I'd say that from that point you can already say that it is indeed the cleanest country in the world. Not just the airport was clean itself but right after getting off the plane, the air and the ambiance from the airport is fresh. Maybe because of the scent that you will smell all over the place. Smells like flower, hundreds of flower that I already felt like Im in a garden house.

Changi Airport is really huge just seeing terminal 1 and walking through it, I think it took us a good 5-8 minutes just to walk to terminal 2 and another 5-8 mins to terminal 3. 

Exploring Changi Airport

If you see this anywhere around the airport I suggest that you get all of them. It'll be really really helpful to go around the country plus it includes some promos and discounts for tours and restaurants.

Changi's Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is more like the garden section of the airport in which you will get to see different plants and flower arrangements inside the airport, which I find so amazing because it gives the airport the nature ambiance which makes it so relaxing. 

Terminal 1

  • Baggage Storage 

  • Prayer rooms 

  • Information 

  • Money Changers

  • Shower and Spa services

  • Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi

  • Cactus Garden

  • City sight seeing

  • Sculptural Tree Garden

  • Water Lily Garden

  • Pizza Garden

  • Kinetic Rain

  • The social tree

  • Mall

Changi's Terminal 2

Terminal 2

  • Wheel Chair Rental 

  • Movie Theatre

  • Interactive art

  • Prayer halls

  • Money Changer

  • Convenience stores

  • Souvenir stores

Changi's Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is where the slide is and my boyfriend really wanted to try this so bad. I actually had to look for it by keep on walking around the airport.  Upon seeing it, we get too excited and go for it already. Theres no line or anybody there.


All you need to have is a $10 proof of purchase, go to the nearest information center and for every $10 spent in the airport they'll give you 1 access to slide.

Pretty neat yeah? From buying souvenirs in the airport we spent $30 so we got a 3 times access code for slide which they will give you in a piece of tiny paper and all you have to do is let the slide machine scan it and you're good to go!

Terminal 3

  • Petal clouds

  • Singapore Food Street

  • Butterfly Garden

  • Birds in Flight

  • Interactive Art

  • The Slide

  • The Haven Jet Quay

  • Movie Theatre

How To Ride The Mrt...

Didn't I told you earlier to get some brochures in the airport. In doing so, I stumble upon in one of the brochure is this map with a promo that says... $30 for 3 days unlimited ride (bus or mrt). 

We did walk to the mrt Changi station to buy that promo and gave us this map.

This map seems a little too complicated to look at but when you are in one of their stations, you'll find it very easy getting on and off this mrt.

By the way there is one at the airport, either from terminal 2 or 3. They have free shuttle to transfer from one terminal to another so you don't really need to walk long if you don't want too.

Although a little confusing at first, we figure this out on our own and we get the hang of it after so many rounds on the station. 


So from Changi Airport we have to mrt our way to Marina bay which is in Bayfront station. Looking at the map, Changi is located in the farthest right side of the mrt station.

From that we figure that if we want to change from green line station to reach Bayfront station which is in the yellow line station we had to get off at Tana Merah Station first which is the ending of the first green line originating Changi Station. Then ride from Tana Merah to the station where green and yellow meets, which is the Paya Lebar Station and then transfer to the yellow station. So from Paya Lebar yellow Station we had to get off to Bayfront Station which is where our hotel was, it's The Marina Bay Sands.


to Marina Bay Sands

Singapore's Tourist Pass Plus

Singapore Tourist Pass Plus are available to buy at MRT stations.

This pass is worth $30 sgd and it gives you an unlimited worth of ride for 3 days in Singapore. From Mrts, Lrts and/or buses, this pass is really of cheap value specially for those tourist like us that we just wander around ourselves and our way. So I highly recommend you getting this one if you didn't book any tours and just want to lurk around the city your way. 

...if you wanna know how our MRT ride is? It's like this.

Their Mrt is tourist friendly to the point that,

hopping on it is not a hassle since it's not overly crowded even with big luggages that we have we can still fit in.

They have safety features like glass doors in every station that simultaneously open with the mrt door so that no child will be in danger of falling inbetween the gap of mrt and platform.


They also have directions and signs in every corner of the station that helps tourist a lot to find where they are going and how to get there.

They are extremely organize to the point that the arrival and departure of their MRT is accurately posted and followed.

I hope this helps a lot to ease your worried traveling soul. the way they also have this in every door of their MRT that has light blinking to know which station are you in.


Marina Bay Sands is indeed a spectacular hotel in Singapore, aside from it's architectural design that wows tourist all around the world, they're also famous in their infinity pool in which is located at the 57th floor or the top most part of the hotel and is the highest and the longest infinity pool in the world. 

Starting at $4oo sgd a night, this luxurious hotel is really costly but worth every money spent.


Booking in hotels or through agencies beforehand is good but it is always better to E-mail the hotel to ask or confirm your booking in advance. You don't want to give yourself this problem when you are already there because it is truly a stressful thing to happen instead of just enjoying your vacation.


Also, you have to know the rules and regulations of the hotel. In my case, I have to check in on the time said and I have a 30mins-60mins of allowance to show up unless otherwise I notified them if what time I will be there. They have a rule that they will cancel my bookings if I didn't show up nor inform them when I will be there. Different hotels have some other rules so better check on the hotels you have book for a stress-free vacation.

So we are kinda running late because we had so much fun wandering on the airport and the Mrt stations and I had to call them to let them know that I am coming but will be a little late.


Marina Bay Sneak Peek

Venice like, inside Marina bay

Venice like, inside Marina bay

Lavish Marina bay hall way

Lavish Marina bay hall way

the view from the hallway

the view from the hallway

inside room mirror

inside room mirror

marina bay sands structure

marina bay sands structure

view from room

view from room

Lavish Marina bay hall way

Lavish Marina bay hall way

A little sneak peek of The Marina Bay Sands. From their Venice river-like walkway(left) and bridge , their hotel's artsy hallway, the top view of Marina Bay Hotel Check Inns, A selfie shot of me and my boyfriend in the room, the overpass to gardens by the bay, the view of Gardens by the bay in our room and an artsy hallway again from Marina Bay Hallway(right).



Checking in is actually hassle free although there is a lot of people checking in the time I got there. I am an impatient person, I cannot stand waiting so I went to this VIP check in instead of the regular one.

When I got there they told me that it was not the right one for me to check in because it is for people who wants access to casino but they still did acommodate me and assist me in checking in there anyways. They let me choose if I wanted the City View or the Garden's By The Bay View, I chose the gardens by the bay view. They also asked me if I want to have a balcony in our room, the kind of bed I wanted and preferred floor if we want to go higher or lower. I really don't want to spend my time going higher and waiting in the elevator for so long so I choose the fifth floor. Little did I know that I just chose the right spot because I am much satisfied with the view in our room. Right after everything was settled, we were offered to leave our baggages for them to bring it in our room and we can roam around or go to our room directly. 

Key Card



I wouldn't lie, I booked one of the cheapest room they have and yet it isn't really cheap, Room rates ranging from

$400sgd - $1000 sgd a night although I'd say it's worth it. I am really not expecting for this beauty, I had a glimpse of their other room which is more expensive and yet I am more than pleased. All the room are sophisticatedly made and will give you the vibes of luxurious feels. Live like a princess for a while, in your stay here.

First off I got two bed that can fit in two people without needing to rent and pay for an extra one. Next, the room is huge plus with a balcony (not all the room has). Lastly, the view from our very room is astonishing. 

The very view of their famous gardens by the bay is beautifully seen from our room which made me so happy because it is really nice

The Infinity Pool


Take a dip ...

      Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool


Welcome to the longest and highest infinity pool in the world.

Found in Marina Bay Sands 57th floor. 

Take a dip at this pool while enjoying the skyline view of Singapore. A one of a kind experience almost feels like floating in the sky above everything.

Our ultimate DIY Singapore itinerary!!!

Camera Worthy

I really do hope this have helped you my fellow travelers a lot.

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