Siem Reap, Cambodia

Was once consisted the largest city in the world, the Angkor wat which is now known as the largest religious monument in the world. Bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam --- Cambodia known for its horrifying yet magnificent history. 


Cambodia's Weather

November - April
This is their dry season. Which means it is mostly sunny on these months.
I am from the Philippines and I know what hot really means but the heat in Cambodia is more than what you can expect. The humidity too makes it a lot worse but these are still the months that it is best to tour Cambodia. 
This is their wet season. So it is mostly rainy on these months. Despite being the best weather to go to Cambodia to avoid the heat, I still wont recommend it. 
Siem Reaps roads are mostly dusty so when it rains expect muds and when there is mud, walking and touring around the temple can be real messy.  
The hottest months . 
I can't imagine how hot it can get to Cambodia since their dry season is already an irritating hot from me.
So I suggest that if you are not the friend of the heat then avoid these months.

What you should know?

I have lived in the Philippines all my life and it gets hot in there too, so hot that I thought we have the worst weather in the world. Well absolutely not! After experiencing Cambodia's weather I have definitely changed my mind about that. We went on February and I'd say that the hotness I have experience there is unbearable. The humidity is another reason why you may feel extremely hot. 
Be sure to bring this with you at all times:
  - Water
  - Sun Block
  - Light, breathable Clothes
  - Umbrella
 Aside from Cambodian Riel they also accept US dollars. Yes, you've heard it right! US Dollars have long been part of Cambodia. So don't be shock to hear dollars when you ask for the price. It happens too that when you pay them with dollars, you will be given a change of their Cambodian riel. It is kinda bizarre but that's how it is there. US Dollars is widely accepted.
  - (For Filipinos) Exchange rate for peso is terrible at money changers in downtown Siem Reap. 
 Khmer is the official language of Cambodia.
*Credit Cards
 Widely accepted in touristy areas such as the Pub street's high end restaurants, spas and hotels. ATM Machines are also available.
*Solo Traveler
I can say it is safe to travel alone but always be cautious still for pickpockets and to not be isolated from the crowds. 

Places that are Best to Stay

Pub Street Area      *Central Market         *Muslim District
If you really want to save money and time, it's better to stay in places near town, some are one of those places I wrote above to free yourself from a lot of transfers. Also it is the one nearest to your needs. These places are the most accessible to all tuktuk terminals, bus terminals, public market, restaurants, spas, bars and shops. 

Where did we book our Stay?

Ring Boutique Hotel

Aside from it's one of the cheapest site to book your hotel to, you can also actually get awesome discounts, miles points, sweet deals and so much more!
Knowing me, I only go for the best and legit! I'm the woman of doubts and I always want to make sure that my plans wouldn't get ruined.
They also have a good and efficient customer service that you can call to assist your needs and concerns.
If ever you get to look for a place, I personally recommend to book at RING BOUTIQUE HOTEL.
Rooms: Rooms is not too small and not too big but just perfect for you. It is also unique and stunning to have a bed inside a round corner. Complete with the amenities you may need like bath robes, towels, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, vault, etc.
Staff: The staff are all very helpful and very accommodating. We checked out early and they still offer us to stay at the lobby after our whole day tour before officially leaving. They also helped us print our bus tickets without asking for payment. They offered us water or the pool area to use whenever we need too. They were also are the ones who called a tuktuk for us to the bus station and even told us what amount we should just pay the driver so we don't get scammed. It is rare to find hotels with good customer service specially in Cambodia as I found some people to be rude.
Hotel: Over all experience in this hotel was amazing and I recommend it to all of you to have a fully amazing vibe in Cambodia despite the irritating hotness of their weather. They have breakfast included upon booking and dining area. They also have a pool area for everyone to use. A spa for those who want relaxation. Restrooms by the lobby and lobby for everyone.

More From This Hotel


Getting Around Siem Reap

There are several ways you can do to go around Siem Reap:
* VIA BIKE:  Rent A Bike Here For some who wants to burn fats or just love biking, you can always rent a bike or go on a tour via bike. The temples are not that far from each other anyways.
* VIA TukTuk: The tuktuk is one of the most popular modes of transportation in Cambodia. It is the ones with a motor bike connected to the carriages that can fit 2 people.
* VIA Car: Cambodia's Siem Reap is more like the country side. So you can expect wide roads though popular places are expected to be crowded and some roads are not paved yet.
* VIA Motorcycle: Motorcycles are one the easiest way out for you on crowded places. Also you can rent a motorcycle for you to get a better look of Siem Reap.

Our ultimate Siem Reap Itinerary!!!

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