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San Francisco

This sophisticated looking city of the Golden State mostly known as California, San Francisco is home for Victorian houses, hills and of course, the Golden Gate bridge.

When to and not to visit San Francisco

March - May

 these months are usually warm, dry, and clear. Which is the best time to go to San Francisco to fully enjoy your stay that is hassle and stress free.


June - August

 Although these months are summer time, the wether in San Francisco is surprisingly cold.


September - November 

Low chance of occurrence of the year- round fog are on these months,  while days are warm and sunny. Specially if you love taking good photographs of San Francisco's sceneries and structures. (because there's no fog to get in the way)  


November - January 

The most rainy months of the year, where January has typical rainfall for about like 4 inches.

December - February  

These months are the cloudiest of the year in San Francisco where fog is mostly on your way and it's hard to see especially the iconic Golden gate bridge, plus it's mostly raining on these months so this is a major NO for travelers and tourist who wants to see San Francisco.

I know, this may not seem like your ordinary blog, so I'm taking this spot to explain how this works ;)

I have list down the attractions that we have done for the day and in chronological order. So you won't have to waste your time in traveling from one place to another. I hope this have helped! 

Also, if you want to know more about the place just click the link. Because there are a lot more information inside than in the picture. 

My ultimate DIY San Francisco itinerary!!!

Camera Worthy
City Hall
Kui Shin Bo