Rueifang Station

This was taken on our way to shifen.

This is where we boarded the train to shifen and going back home.

Its' a local train station and not as good as the other ones, also their train, I must say especially going to Shifen is really slow all those stops we went through, I'd say the car would be faster even if it's in 25mph.

Found this in the station too.It's part of the store so I decided to take a photo with him.


This kind train are the ones that go to shifen and believe me, I am irritated by how slow it is. Not sure if it's always like that but when we boarded, 3 -4 stops away to shifen feels like an hour. Though it is still better than our mrt.

I just hate waiting (lol)

This one on the other hand is the faster train, but this does not go and stop to shifen although  going back home you can ride one of these from rueifang going back to taipei main station.