Why Ka Lui is the best dining experience for me in Palawan?

KaLui I must say is the most famous Local restaurant in Puerto Princesa City. This local restaurant have gained the heart of both locals and tourist around the world. This restaurant earned such reputation because it offers a unique dining experience that it would make you feel the FILIPINO CULTURE at most and it does not end there. You'll know more about why this restaurant is on top of my list and almost every other people you'll ask in Palawan.

Note: Please be sure to have a booking reservation on this place because it is so popular that it is flooded with people everyday.

The whole place was built mostly with Kawayan (Bamboo) and wood. The interior is mostly designed as wood crafts and wood carvings formed into this artsy statues that will give you a so PINOY vibes.

...and we are just starting. There's so much more reasons why you will definitely love this restaurant!

Before setting foot on their dining place, you are actually being greeted by the host upon entering and will show you your seat but you will have to be barefooted. They have footwear lockers just right before entering so no need to worry (Talk about good service and unique experience right at the front door).

Here is their menu! (Don't depend too much on their prices it might have change already since this was taken years ago) Just to give you a heads up, these are their food choices.

Look who is so ready to order?

Just a tip for every first time traveler, don't be ashamed to ask about the food because you'll end up knowing things you don't know and you get to have the best that the restaurants offer.

I learned here that I have to ask what their special is instead of ordering things I don't even know what (just basing on the menu)

I am not a fan of fish, but seafoods? Oh yeah! I can eat quite a lot. Being in the island, of course food will be more like fruits, vegetables, fish and a bunch of seafood! So dig in!

What we had:

*Sea Weed Appetizer


*Fruit Platter

*Mango shake ( Foreigners! Be sure to try this fruit drink I personally recommends! Best fruit drink in the world for me)

*Steamed fish

By the way, look at their cutesy, fruit filled and so native counter. Will really feel the vibe of an island life especially with those hanging bananas and fruits on the counter.

Over all! I've had an amazing experience here!!! Never thought I'll be more astonished, satisfied and will be happy to come back again someday.

Ka Lui 369 Rizal Ave. Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines Contact: (048) 433-2580

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