The Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas: Biggest Cruise Ship in the world Experience

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas:

This is the Royal Carribean Symphony of the seas, an Oasis-class cruise ship. Owned and operated by Royal Carribean International, as you may know, this is the largest cruise ship in the world by gross tonnage. This ship have 18 decks (18 stories high) and can carry about 5,518 guests and 2,200 crews on board. Consisting of 2,759 staterooms and 188 suites, 23 dining venues, 7 distinct neighborhoods: The Boardwalk, Central Park, Entertainment Place, Pool and Sports Zone, Youth Zone, Royal Promenade, Vitality Spa and Fitness Center, 25 pools and whirlpools, Flow Rider surf simulators and waterslides are on board, 12 specialty restaurants, Bionic Bar and honestly... so much more!

The Ultimate Abyss:

This ten-story test of courage,The Ultimate Abyss is a slide drop and is the tallest slide at sea with a spiral 92-foot drop (10 stories high) and drops you for as fast as 13 seconds. Perfect for thriller seekers while at sea.

This ten foot drop slide is complimentary! Slide as much as you want with a 13 seconds drop that will definitely give you the adrenaline rush that you seek! It is called Abyss for a reason! as you slide through the depths of this slide, you are totally are in darkness!

Pool Area:

The Pool Area: They have about 25 pools and whirlpools with FlowRider surf simulators and waterslides, jacuzzis and kids pool. Perfect for a family vacation even while at sea!

Perfect for adrenaline junkies like me, this pool area installed with a 3 story water slide dubbed the perfect storm

This kid's pool will keep your kids busy, filled with slides and a play ground for kids to play.

Central Park:

Royal Caribbean's central park is a stunning park on the deck. It has more than 20,700 lush tropical plants in it.

Nature lovers will definitely enjoy this part of the ship. Walking alone here makes you forget that you are on sea!

Equipped with benches, walkways and winding spots for you to enjoy the most of it as you entertain yourself with this place's beautiful sight.

Consisting of some restaurants, retail outlets and even an entertaining area for you to fully enjoy this perfect environment of peace and tranquility.

The Bionic Bar:

The Bionic Bar is a bar that run by these 2 arm robot bartenders. A technological wonder that just not entertain guests as they perform their drink mixing but also serves you a drink of your own choosing. Enjoy a customizable mix of your own drink and can serve up to 1,000 drinks per day with 21 mixers and 30 spirits from these 2 robot bartenders.

Its ceiling is just stunning, filled with different kinds of alcoholic beverages for you to chose from. Order drinks through a tablet and watch it do its work of mixing, shaking and serving you as it slides your drink right to your fingertips.

The Floating Bar:

This floating bar goes from the 5th floor and up to the 6th floor where you can party away from the crowd and party afloat!

Recreational Area:

If you are a sporty type, don't worry, they have a place that is just for you! With table tennis corner, basketball courts and even kid's playground as well! You'll never be bored!

Zip Line:

This zipline is a nine deck high that crosses the open-air Boardwalk.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean as you zip across the largest vessel on sea!

The Boardwalk:

The new and improved Boardwalk on sea is a neighborhood on deck that features a game arcade, a carousel, casinos, the aqua theatre and some nice joints to grab a meal or snack at. Including Sugar Beach, Johnny Rockets, Boardwalk’s Doghouse, and the Playmaker Sports Bar so you won't have to miss watching your favorite game while on board.

Theater Area:

Royal Carribean also offers entertainment from world class performers aboard their ship to perform shows such as musicals, dance, acrobatics and more!

The Casino Royale:

If you are up on your game, they also have a casino on board just like any other casino you've been, the only difference is that you are on sea!

More Pictures on Board!


What’s inside?

🛳 deck 17: Suites lounge, suites deck, loft suites coastal kitchen

🛳 deck 16: Breakfast, Lunch, dinner Buffet

🛳 deck 15: swimming pools, slides, jacuzzis, bars, sports center (basket ball court) arcade, bars, zip line, kid’s park, unlimited ice cream 🍦

🛳 deck 14: adventure ocean, puzzle breakout room

🛳 deck 12,11,10,9: Passenger’s rooms

🛳 deck 8: Central Park

🛳 deck 7: Passenger’s rooms

🛳 deck 6: Boardwalk, spas, fitness center

🛳 deck 5: Royal promenade, Bionic bar, guest center, mall area

🛳 deck 4: Ice skating rink, theater, casino

🛳 deck 3: fine dining room, conference area

🛳 deck 2: boarding area

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