The Iconic Angkor Wat of Cambodia: Travel Guide and Facts

*Note: Cambodia uses USD aside from their local currencies and it is widely accepted everywhere (although they'll be giving you both USD and Cambodia Riel as change).

Travel Guide and Tips: Cambodia Siem Reap

1. The hot weather in Cambodia is pretty drastic. I thought I am used to the hot weather in the Philippines but Cambodia's weather is a lot worst specially during summer. So be sure to bring with you the following:

~ Water Bottle

~ Umbrella

~ Hat / Cap

2. Everyone who will be visiting the temples need to have a pass:

1-day pass is $37 USD per person

3-day pass is $62 USD per person

7-day pass is $72 USD per person

3. Transportation Wise:

TukTuk: You can rent a Tuktuk for a day as low as $25. If you wanted to feel more like a local, this is one of the best and cheapest transportation to get.

Rent a car: This is a lot better choice specially for me since I am not a fan of heat. This is not gonna cause you a lot too. We rented a car in klook for 12 hours as low as just $35 USD.

Where did we stay in Siam Reap?

Ring Boutique Hotel:

- For as low as $25 we get to enjoy our stay in this unique hotel in Cambodia.

- You get to stay for a night and even enjoy their pool and other amenities.

- Walking distance from the Siem Reap's Pub. Walking distance from everything like, spas, restaurants and bus terminal!

- Super accommodating and friendly staff. (Helped us all through out our stay and even when we're already checked out!) - Photos:

Best time to visit the Angkor Wat

Although Angkor Wat is open all year round, it is still best to know when is the best time to go there and here's what I think of:

From November to early April: (hottest or driest season) Weather wise, even if I hate the heat I would say to visit on these time around. We went around February and locals told me that it is not their hottest season yet ( believe me I can't take the hotness already) but I notice how dusty the roads already because most of it is not paved yet. Imagine when it rains, mud will be your problem. Unless you really don't care about it but it's hard when traveling (either bringing with you muddy clothes or you'll be taking your whole time washing mud out and drying your clothes).

April to May: Is the hottest season of Cambodia and I bet you'll be toasted already.If you can't take hot weather, please avoid this months.

December - January: This month is the busiest, crowd can be seen and it could be packed! It is true though that Angkor Wat, being famous really does attracts crowd throughout the season but this is the busiest of them all.

What Is Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat is known to be the largest religious monument in the world and one of the best preserved. This iconic monument is considered as an architectural masterpiece and has now been visited by millions of tourist worldwide. "Angkor Wat" which literally means "Temple City" in the Khmer language. Now, it is considered to be the most visited temple in the whole of Cambodia.

Where Is Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat can be found in the northern part of the Cambodian city of Siam Reap.

Interesting Facts about the Angkor Wat

1. As far as history goes, Angkor Wat was said to be dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu who is one of the three principal gods in the Hindu pantheon.

2. This ancient city or what we now know as Anchor Wat was the center of the Khmer empire that once ruled most of Southeast Asia. Angkor Wat was actually built without the help of any machinery because machinery is still yet unavailable.

3. The carved bas reliefs in Angkor Wat represents eight (8) Hindu stories measuring about 1,200 square meters and can be read counterclockwise. I'd say, one of the longest wall carvings in the world. In this very wall, you can see fables and myths pictures carvings that tells the temple's origin in Hindu religion.

4. This passageway running along the length of the temple

5. Sandstone blocks were used to build this temple and it took about Five million tons of Sandstone building it. This sandstone were extracted from the holy mountain of Phnom Kulen which is actually over 50 kilometers away from the site.

6. Approximately 2 million visitors from all over the world comes in to visit Angkor Wat annually.

7. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple took about 35 years to build with the help of at least 6,000 elephants, an estimated of 300,000 laborers. Angkor Complex is so large it can be seen from space.

8. Inner Angkor Wat temple looks like this and was said to be built this way to save time building it and also materials.

9. The Khmer bricks were said to be bonded together by using a vegetable compound which is almost invisible to the eye rather than mortar.

10. On March and September, the central tower of Angkor Wat aligns with the sun. It happens every twice a year at sunrise during winter and spring equinox.

11. This middle tower of Angkor Wat actually symbolizes the sacred mountain which is the mount Meru.

12. Angkor Wat was once the largest city on Earth! It was during the 12th century in which there's an estimated population of nearly 1,000,000.

13. This is actually not a river but one of their multiple dams and canals. Made for their advanced water systems that were designed in a scientific way to collect excess water during rainy season.

14. We know tons of tourist visits the Angkor Wat, but did you know that 50% of it are international tourists. That is how popular it is.

15. Even the interior walls of Angkor Wat have carvings on every sides of it.

Budget Breakdown:

Solo Traveler:

~ $2 - $5 for accommodation

~ $2 - $3 Transportation per location (tuktuk)

~ $37 Whole day temple run

Couple Traveler:

~ $15 - $20 for accommodation (own room)

~ $3 - $5 Transportation per location (tuktuk)

~ $35 Rent a Car Transportation for 12 hours

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