Instagramable Spots to find in BGC Philippines

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

BGC Manila - Bonifacio Global City Manila once was known as Fort Bonifacio, have been home for luxurious shops and restaurants, real estates, malls, companies, offices businesses and a lot more.

With that said, there's a lot of gimmicks from businesses and establishments popped here and there. So here are some spots that you can find a long the way...

1. The Wall Flower

There's a lot of instagramable wallpaper all over BGC but this one particularly caught my eye. It's a wall full of flowers and not just your typical flowers but ROSES! Who does not love roses, right? It may be fake but the arrangement and the mixing of colors made it this beautiful and super instagramable (...and free of charge).

2. The Christmas Train

Well, this Christmas inspired train is also free of charge and very attracting to the eye, you also get to ride in it and feel being the captain! Who would not love it? Take your family and have your Christmas themed family picture taken in here for this is also free of charge and far from the crowd.

3. Christmas Season Christmas Tree

BGC may have a lot of different Christmas tree all over their parks. So I would love to have our picture taken with one of the unique ones. We found this unique looking Christmas tree made from barrels of liquors as a Jack Daniel's inspired Christmas tree.

4. Dancing Fountain Lights

If you think that you can only enjoy to have your photo taken alongside Christmas trees and wallpapers, well don't you take these wonderful dancing waterfalls lights for granted! Just take the perfect shot, wait for it to blast and choose from blue, red and green colors that lights, it would be very instagramable already, no edit required!

5. Parks Delight

I don't know about you people but I have been putting my interest in amazingly built parks. This may not be one of the most beautiful parks in the Philippines but its small forest-like with three trees hugged together in the middle, is actually located in the middle of the tall buildings and busy streets of BGC.

6. Wall Art Lights

An amazing wall art with a twist that will touch the heart of the Filipinos. This is actually a soon to open Shake Shack but for now, it is an eye catching black-green wall art by day and an amazing blinking wall art lights at night that is so instagramable!

7. Magical Christmas Tree-decor Lights

This one will hit the spot of your childhood dream, seeing magical lights straight out of a fairytale movies. I just felt that this should be part of the list too because it is not just eye-catching but also a classy stunner!

8. Woodland Adventure

It's not just the place but it's always the things and the way you see it that makes it a picture worthy spot. Take yourself in an imaginary woodland in the heart of the city!

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