Instagram worthy Places in Cebu, Philippines: Where to go...

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you are looking for the best spot to have an instagram worthy photos in Cebu, here are some that I can share with you.

1. Sirao Garden, Cebu

Indeed, this garden in Cebu is one of the most popular spots to-go-to when you are in Cebu. A 30 mins drive away from town (depending on the traffic congestion). Also the road that leads you to it is a stunner! Will definitely give you the best view of Cebu city!

2 Ruins of Oslob, Cuartel Park We all know that Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines. I am glad to still find old ruins from there too which is one of my favorite thing to see and also it's so instagram worthy too!

3. Bantayan Island Found in northern Cebu, this island will give you the best vibes and the best view of the beach in Cebu. Enjoy both tranquility and beauty as this instagram worthy spot is a must visit place in the island!

Learn more about this here:

4. Badian Canyoneering

This spot might be the hardest to reach but believe me it is worth it!

5. Taoist Temple

Are you a temple enthusiast? This temple in Cebu City offers a scenic view and indeed an outstanding architecture to check out!

6. Temple of Leah

Another beautiful and a must visit temple in Cebu! This temple was actually built as a symbol of an undying love of a husband to his wife. Romantic isn't it?

7. 10000 Roses

This famous attraction in Cebu famous for the 10,000 LED Roses display is yet another place to see. For a picture - perfect moment that turns magical at night as it lights up.

8. Bantayan Cliff Diving

A serene place like this is definitely a must go to specially on your vacation. Relaxing and at the same time, instagram worthy that is away from the crowd!

9. Basilica Del Santo Niño

This church in Cebu is actually the oldest religious relic in the Philippines. It is still standing and there's on going mass being held here.

10. I.T. Park

If you are a foodie, this place suits you as you can find tons of restaurants and food places in here, the instagramable spots is also worthy of your visit!

11. Kawasan Falls

Indeed, the most well-known place in Cebu. Aside from it's majestic waterfalls is its crystal clear water that definitely stands out!

12. Oboob Mangrove

This mangrove is not just your typical mangrove, suitable for adventurous souls as you get to explore this forest-like mangrove surprising you with sceneries, hideouts and beautiful trees.

13. Ogtong Cave

Last but definitely not the least, this small yet amazing cave pool hidden in one of the hotels in Bantayan Island.

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