Best Coffee Shop in Hawaii, HONOLULU COFFEE: A must have coffee!

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

HONOLULU COFFEE is Hawaii's premium supplier of the highest grade of Kona coffee and a farm to cup coffee company. This local coffee shop have gained my trust and taste when it comes to coffee.

Why seek out Honolulu coffee?

Main reason would be that, this is a local coffee shop that earned the taste of not just the locals but tourist around the world. Also aside from this fact , Hawaii is the only state that grow coffee in which you can definitely find local coffee such as the well known Kona Coffee that this coffee shop serves and roast!

I have been to several coffee shops here in Hawaii and so far this is one of the best. Staffs are knowledgeable about coffee. That is why I know this is not just another coffee company that trains people how to brew coffee but also teaches them about it too, such as the difference of each coffee in flavor/taste, odor and texture, etc.

Of course, I didn't just say this out of nowhere, I learned more about this with the COFFEE CUPPING SESSION they offer (If you really wanted to know more about coffee).

I have worked in a shop that serves Hawaiian coffees such as Kona Coffee and I'd say my co worker are all knowledgeable about making these coffees and the different ways of brewing it but not to the extent of knowing how it differs from each beans and roast through personal experience but just from texts.

COFFEE CUPPING basically is a coffee tasting technique in which we thoroughly get to know how coffee are different from one another. I'll probably write about this in another article.

I fell in love in it's location, I never did imagine that in the busy streets of Honolulu, this beautiful garden like shop can be found. I'm in an island already here in Oahu Hawaii and yet this feels like still being stuck in another island inside an island. How cool is that?

Ok, the pictures speaks a thousand words so I'll give you just that.

Let's move on with their drinks!!!

I ordered several stuff such as Matcha Latte with Art, Kona Coffee and some cold drinks.

I am a matcha lover and i rarely drink coffee, I'm pretty picky drinking coffee too. Though Kona coffee is a must try so this is my opinion about these drinks...

I love how strong the KONA COFFEE is and it didn't taste like it's burnt coffee like the other ones I tried. Just from the smell of it you'll know that it is Kona COFFEE because of it's strong yet wonderful aroma.

As a Matcha lover, I have tried a lot of different Matcha drinks locally and internationally. I'd say this is one of the best ones I have tried so far. Honolulu Coffee's Matcha Latte have a distinctive taste. Their matcha drink is not as strong as other matcha (this is because the matcha powder have not been mixed well). Sometimes, this depends on people who make Matcha Latte because they didn't mixed the Matcha powder well that it don't dissolve and I get to eat the powder instead of drink it. So far this didn't happen when I go here. Now that they serve Matcha latte makes it even better. Plus you can always tell them to add a latte art with no additional fee :)

The price is good too! If you think this is pricey, I'd say that you don't know KONA COFFEE.

KONA COFFEE is indeed expensive because the demands of this coffee is high yet the production is limited. If you'll notice, some coffee shops serves KONA BLENDS and that is because 100% Kona coffee is expensive so they decided to blend it.

Sizzling summer? No problem! They also offer cold brew although cold brew lessens the flavor compare to the hot one, in my opinion. So if you don't want a strong coffee or matcha, you'd rather go for the cold brew.

Above all the amazing drinks that Honolulu coffee serves are these food and desserts that are not just pleasant to your taste buds but also pleasant to your eyes.

Learn more about this here:

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