Eating a Crocodile Sisig at Kinabuchs Grill and Bar Palawan

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

My very first dinner in Puerto Princesa is a blast. I didn't know that it was gonna be the start of something bizarre in my life. I was told to try this island's delicacy, the crocodile sisig. I was shock! I have never tried frog nor insects exotic food before but to try a crocodile's meat? I don't think I know what happened next.

Why you should pay Kinabuchs Grill and Bar a visit?

A relative of mine in Palawan brought me here in Kinabuchs, telling me how nice this restobar is and how they have a hanging authentic motorcycle on their wall. Wow cool! I have never expected it to be a lot more shocking before the night ends.

1. An authentic motorcycle wall display.

A lot of tourist love to go here not just for the food but also for this motorcycle wall display that they have here. This restobar is popular amongst tourist so I suggest that you have a reservation or come in early as this place gets packed.

2. They serve liquors.

As a Restaurant and a bar, which is not too many to see in Palawan. This spot serves imported both local liquors and beers which is what most tourist look for.

3. A spot to dine under the stars where you can feel the locality because you dine with this native cottage.

4. Last but not the least, this exotic crocodile sisig delicacy.

I had to eat since they told me that you really did get to say you have been in Palawan if you haven't try this! Thrilled and scared at the same time, i just shove it in my mouth and eat it so i'll be done. After 5 seconds I'm in a state where knowing it's a crocodile don't bother me anymore and I kept on eating it to the last bits.

This crocodile meat plate was served sizzling with lemon and some mayo on top which may looked like minced meat. It's not too bad at all but I would not want to eat it again because I don't want to eat a meat eating animal! I'd rather stick with cow and chicken since it taste like both of it

If you are up for a thrilling cuisine, well this is the one for you. They also serve (Tamilok) live worm which I swear I would never gonna try. The look of it already tells me that i will end up throwing up plus the fact that it is alive! It looked slimy by the way.

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