Best things to see and do when you are in Oahu Hawaii

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

1. Hike the Makapuu Light house

This hike is just like a walk in the park, only thing is that it is uphill. You can bring your kids here, it's a paved hike so you don't need to worry for a muddy walk. Plus, you get to see an amazing view at the top.

2. Hike the Diamond Head Crater

This hike requires a little stamina, kind of a long trek and some stairs. The stair's step is said to be 99 steps to the top. You can also get an audio tour on this one so that you get to learn the importance of this national park.

3. Pay Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden a Visit

This Garden is huge and aside from all the beautiful plants and flowers you can see here are also this stunning view of the Koolau Mountain. Perfect for picnics, camping and just a stroll in the park moments.

4. Walk on the streets of Waikiki

A perfect moment to enjoy both the ocean and the city. Waikiki is famous among tourist simply because of it's beauty! You'll be able to see a lot of high class stores, hotels and restaurants along the way and the beautiful beach of Waikiki.

5. Go to Hanauma Bay's Lookout

Enjoy an amazing view of the Hanauma bay or a day swim in the ocean as this holds amazing reefs with wealthy marine life lurking under the water for you to see and interact with! Best place to go snorkeling!

6. Stay in one of the Hotels by the beach.

It's not every you get to wake up to this kind of view, so why not do it here in paradise! Get the most out of it and I am telling you this, you will not regret it!

7. Drive to Tantalus Lookout

You'll get to see this amazing view of Honolulu and it doe not matter wether you want to go there during the day time or night time!

8. Take a dip under Makai Research Pier bridge

If you don't want to burn your skin under the sun, this is the place for you! With such an amazing view of an island not too far away, a secluded place and with its clear waters. I'd say this is a must visit! Famous for under the bridge photo opportunities.

9. Try the Spicy Garlic Shrimp in the North Shore

Honestly the best thing to do here in Hawaii is to eat! Not just eat food but this Spicy Garlic Shrimp that I definitely love and also by the locals and tourist! I definitely and always will recommend everyone to try this amazing plate!

10. Look for this Secret Island

This is called secret island for a reason, been walking to a secluded area for about 10 to 20 minutes looking for this and we did it! it's beside the beach too so bring everybody!

11. Enjoy taking Photos in Kaka'ako

Enjoy posing with these graffiti spread all over the walls of Kaka'ako painted by local artists.

12. Check out Kailua's skyline here at the Pali Lookout

Aside from its rich history background is an amazing, jaw dropping view of Kailua.

13. Pay Queen Iolani's Palace a visit

This is one of the most significant building to visit in Hawaii. Iolani Palace was the home of Hawaii's Majesties up until the overthrow of the monarchy. This palace is the only official royal residence in the United States.

14. Walk around Maunawili Neighborhood

If you want an awesome view of the Olomana and Koolau Mountain at the same time, this neighborhood is the best place to have a walk through.

15. Hang out by the Magic Island Beach

One of the best places to have a morning walk, jogging or even swimming. Plus an amazing view of the Honolulu landscape.

16. Explore Kalihi's Rainforest

A secluded yet magical place to do a little exploring as you get to experience the forest and see a wonderful waterfalls too.

17. See more of Honolulu

Why don't try to be with the locals and explore the heart of Oahu. Honolulu as the heart of Oahu may seem too overwhelming but knowing the people of Hawaii, most are friendly, funny and nice.

18. Explore Moanalua Gardens

Aside from it is free, you get to see a wonderful view of the lake, rest house and get to have a nice picnic in the park.

19. Have real coffee with Honolulu Coffee

This coffee shop does not just serve the famous Kona Coffee but also, they serve freshly roasted coffee. They roast the coffee inside the store in which you can see while drinking or eating inside.

20. Check out Salt lake's Golf Course

With this wonderful view while golfing, wouldn't it be the nicest thing to do as you enjoy your vacation!

21. Try this local soft serve Bananas at Banán

All ingredients are made and harvested from Hawaii. A totally organic dessert you will love!

22. Drive to the north shore

And invade their food stores by the road that offers real good, tasty and unique Hawaiian dishes.

23. Drive to Koko Head Lookout

This view is just a drive away and this mountain is actually one of the famous hike in Oahu Hawaii yet one of the steepest hike.

24. Hike the Diamond Head Crater Trail

This view is what awaits for you to see on top of the Diamond Head Crater Trail. Are you inspired to hike it and see this now?

25. Malaekahana Beach Campground

A perfect beach for people who wants to be away from the crowd. A little bit far from Honolulu but it is a worth it find!

26. Makapuu Beach Park

Love surfing through big waves? This spot is best for you, you can find smashing waves perfect for surfing that is not as crowded as the north shore nor Waikiki.

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