Badian - Kawasan Canyoneering in Cebu : Ultimate Guide

Badian - Kawasan Canyoneering

People have heard about this, a must visit, heart pumping extreme adventure to visit in Cebu. Many have also seen the beautiful sceneries in it such as wonderful waterfalls, lush forest and luminous green waters.

Because of that, a lot visitors have been flooding this a visit. The difference between the Kawasan Falls and The Badian - Kawasan Canyoneering is that, the Kawasan falls is a falls where you can just swim and hang out to eat and relax while the Badian - Kawasan Canyoneering is a Canyoneering starting of in Badian ending in Kawasan Falls.

What is canyoneering?

Canyoneering by the name itself or what some may call canyoning, refers to traveling down a canyon or river through a mix of activities such as trekking, hiking, climbing cliff diving, swimming and basically some extreme activities.

What Camera did we use?

- Go Pro 6

- Iphone 7

Must Pack for this Canyoneering:

  • Closed sports shoes / Aqua Shoes: Best to protect your feet and you from slipping as there are tons of slippery rocks in here and also some tiny sharp rocks that you can actually stepped on.

  • Insect Repellant: For those who are extremely annoyed with mosquito or insect bites, then I highly recommend you this as well as you'll find yourself in the middle of the forest where you can encounter different kinds of insects as you go.

  • Sunblock: Remember that you will be walking hours of hours in this forest and it gets real sunny at times so if you must, then bring some sunblock.

  • Bottled Water: I suggest to bring a soft plastic water bottle rather than hydro flasks as you will carry it throughout this activity and jumping with it as well. Just think about the harm it can cost you if you were hit by your flask while you jump.

  • Dry Bag/ Waterproof Bag: For most part, this is actually the best thing you will bring as it gives you protection for your important things that you don't want to get soaked nor be wet.

  • Waterproof Iphone Cover: As you see, Phone is a must haves for everyone to bring and we just cant leave it anywhere. Best thing to do is bring it with waterproof covers. You don't just get to protect it but also get to use it for picture takings.

  • Swim suites: You are definitely gonna be wet in most times here!

  • Go Pro/ Action Cameras: For people who wanted to capture every single thing in this adventure then this is a must! Most of my pictures are taken with my go pro.

Where To Book This Activity?

It's always better to plan ahead of time and with that being said, booking must be done ahead of time specially these kind of tours that are really popular. Most of the time, walk ins are not entertained mainly because the tour gets packed and there are no available tour guides to handle more tourist and this tour can't be done alone. Below is my personal reference tour company and I share this with you because I highly recommend and trust this company. Providing a fun, good photographed and knowledgeable guide!

The prices that was offered to us is about 1,500 php per person or about $30. It includes Motorcycle service from your hotel, entrance fees, rentals of helmets and life jackets, food, beverages, and tour guide fee (tips not included). This tour could last about 3- 5 hours depending on how fast you can trek or how fast you intend to stay in Kawasan.

  • Where did we book our tour: JDG Canyoneering Adventure

  • Official Tour Price: 1500php ($30) or more depending on what tour and activities you are planning.

  • This price includes: Professional tour guide, commute to the mountain, safety gears such as life jackets and helmets, snack and drinks such as bottled water and cupcake, entrance fees to the parks and waterfalls, lunch including drinks such as soda when you arrive in the reception.

Note: There are no additional fees for any of these tours. Any tours offering less or extra cheap fees you must be cautious as for it can be scammers and non professional / non official tour guides.

How to get there:

Badian is found in the west side of Cebu going south.

From Cebu City:

Via Bus

- Board a bus from the south terminal which takes about 3 - 4 hours depending on traffic and will cost you around 120PHP.

- Make sure to board the bus going to Bato via Barelli (not Bato via Oslob).

- Let the driver know that you want to get off at Kawasan Falls and they will drop you

Via Taxi

- let the taxi driver know that you are heading to Kawasan Falls

- Prices range from1,600 - 2400php. About 3 - 4 Hours Drive also depending on traffic

Via Motorcycle

- we rented a 200php per day motor bike

- we used Gmaps/ wayz to get to Kawasan Falls

From Oslob:

- approximately 2-3 hours bus ride.

- board the bus heading to bato.

- from Bato, transfer to the bus heading towards Badian. ( 150 - 200 php)

Via Taxi

- let the taxi driver know that you are heading to Kawasan Falls

- Prices range from1,400 - 1600

Via Motorcycle

- we rented a 200php per day motor bike

- we used Gmaps/ wayz to get to Kawasan Falls.

- we drove to the southern part of Cebu then head north to Badian.

Start of Adventure

The adventure started when we were picked up by the guide in our hotel, we all have our own motorcycle but they have to lead us to the place where we will be switching to a habal habal

( a bigger motorcycle) fitting a couple of us and the driver. This place is also where we will be getting our life jackets and helmets. We started about 7am which I recommend if you wanted to stay away from the crowd. We pretty much have the whole place to ourselves.

Then the habal habal brought us to the mountain where we will start this adventure. We were told that we will have to walk first onto a long path of the trek down a jungle path in parts of Badian.

After a kind of a long trek down, we have finally see some small waterfalls and even creeks which got me so excited because finally we will start the real adventure here. As soon as we saw the creeks, waterfalls and river, we are definitely stunned. The waters are just crystal clear almost turquoise blue but clearer.

The current is pretty strong though even it is a small waterfalls. These are all jaw dropping to us, we were told to walk across this tiny waterfalls and I can totally say that I'm a little freaked out as I'm paranoid about slipping and hitting my head. Good thing is the aqua shoes helped a lot to not slipped on big rocks nor hurt my feet stepping on tiny rocks. This is the start of fun yet thrilling adventure, I told myself.

This is our First Jump! It's not a big of a height but it's nerve wracking and none of us are extremists nor have ever jumped on waterfalls before. We all made it anyways and we're up for more!!!

Honestly, the best part of this tour for me is the beautiful sceneries hidden in this mountain and it's definitely amazing.

It took us about 5-10 minutes trekking through the waters and jumping at the waters for each section of the Badian - Kawasan canyoneering. Best thing is that our guides don't rush us but even take time taking pictures of us and waiting for everyone to climb and jump through this canyons. Getting a better tour provides you not just with a good guide but also a guide who can take good photos that is why I also recommend this tour company to you.

The trail we went on to is the Badian-Kawasan and on this adventure you will be able to see these tranquil scenery whish is not found on other tours such as Alegria as they have different trail.

I am a city girl and I never ever once thought that I will enjoy this kind of activity but yes I did. I was sold with beautiful sceneries in here and wanted to even stay.

In the middle of the canyoneering, we're surprised that there are actually food stalls in here to ease our hungry stomachs. Although it is pricey than the regular price you can buy it outside, it is definitely worth it!

Just be sure that you don't throw your waste anywhere but bring it with you or throw it at the trash bins located at the very food stall.

Since we are almost at the end, we spent most of our time in this slide which is jaw dropping specially with its turquoise clear waters. It's not just fun but also breath taking!

Reaching the end of the canyon, it brings us to our most awaited waterfallsto see which is the Kawasan Falls.

Kawasan Falls

Entrance Fee: 20php

Kawasan Falls is a waterfall in Cebu that is one of the most popular and also one of the most visited spots in Cebu and in the Philippines. Kawasan Falls is located 130km south of Cebu City and is about a 3 hour bus ride.

What to do in Kawasan Falls?

If you are not big with trekking or canyoneering, you can easily go to Kawasan Falls by entering their entrance at Kawasan where you can go directly to this waterfall. This gets crowded as a lot of people gather here for barbecue, for picnic and for hanging out at this waterfall.

With that being said, here are some things you can actually do here in Kawasan Falls:

  • Swimming

  • Picnic

  • Cliff Diving

  • Hiking

Best Time to Go to Kawasan Falls?

We went to Kawasan Falls at about 9am and it is already crowded but remember we were on the canyoneering. But if you want to best enjoy Kawasan, you must be here at 7am where not most crowds are here yet. Also it is best to be there on weekdays where most people are at work and not able to be there.

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Badian - Kawasan Canyoneering in Cebu

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