Alcatraz: World's Most Infamous Prison

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Ever heard about the ALCATRAZ? Here’s a glimpse of what is inside! This infamous prison in an isolated island in San Francisco Bay. Known for housing the country’s most dangerous criminals. Literally will give you the chills!!!!

Alcatraz, for those of you who didn’t know, was a famous prison of notorious and dangerous criminals in San Francisco. Although the island itself is beautiful, beneath it and its soil are stories that will give you goosebumps.

It's actually a really nice and beautiful island from afar. I almost thought it’s like I'm going to Greece. This island does not look as scary as it sounds at all but the stories that this tour will tell will open my eyes about it.

On our way to Alcatraz, I kind of get the chilling vibes inside being the scaredy-cat that I am, and this for the fact that I am not even there yet. Also, It was summer in San Francisco when we went but it’s freezing cold! Well, as locals may say, summer in San Francisco, by the way, is usually the coldest.

This prison is famous for housing dangerous criminals in San Francisco. Also famous, because of it being an island prison that keeps inmates in isolation. The water surrounding it is super cold, so is the breeze, the current surrounding is really strong. In addition to this, its waters are shark infested as there are at least 11 species of shark found in it. Small boats are not allowed to sail here only big boats for the current itself is dangerous enough to swept boats away.

If you get to escape in your prison cell, then you’ll need to escape the prison itself, if you are able to do that then still you have to face how to escape the island. Then maybe, just maybe you figure out ow to escape the island, still you will have to face the wrath of the ocean, the sharks in San Francisco Bay, the coldness of the water, the strong currents of the sea... and if you are all able to do that then you’re really lucky or really smart.

Upon arriving, we will have to walk uphill to go inside the building. Audio tours start in this building.

After registering, this is what you will see.

Actually, this area is part of their shower room. Their shower room is huge. This is where they handed out our audio devices for our tours and welcome tourists. There will be no guide for your tour, it’s a self-guided tour unless you asked for a guide. You get to explore the whole facility but there are restricted rooms because of what they have said (violent paranormal activities ). Also, if you want a more thrilling experience, they also offer a self-guided tour at night! (Mostly a month a head booking is required. They get fully booked easily by the way) so book early!).

There are a lot of people here with us, i’d say more than a hundred. And in fact, i know this place but not the way most people knew it, which it being “haunted”.

The first time I got here, it still feels eerie because a sign that will welcome you to the building says...”we are still here” of course, chills runs down my spine after reading that. Thinking about it, there are a lot of inmates and even officers that have died here. But aside from that are the natives that used this island as their burying site.

The place seems so gloomy! I have never seen ghosts or felt their presence but this place gives me that chilling feeling maybe because it’s so depressing or it feels so miserable. We even had to walk to this alley which is just left as it is, abandoned and untouched. Even this picture will show you how well lit the place but the vibes inside is just vast and gloomy. Well like what i have said, this prison is also famous for paranormal activities occurring in here.

These rooms are mostly the standard room of the inmates here in Alcatraz. Some rooms only have beds, some have sinks and toilet bowls. There are Block A, B, C, D, which varies what type of cell is that used for. There are cells just like block D cells are for punishment purpose only.

A lot of inmates had gone crazy in this facility mainly for the fact that they are isolated on this island already and still yet, they are being isolated from all the prisoners that were there. They are literally spending each day alone in their prison cell. Not being able to talk to anybody unless was given granted to.

One prisoner even chopped all his left fingers and some even try to kill themselves. Some even slash their own throat using the glass from an eyeglass

This is Block D. I can only stay here by the gate and just a split second to take this shot because I really can’t handle how scary this room seems. I feel like I’ll be trapped inside. Plus, to add to that scary vibe is this room’s inner part is super dark! Right in front of me is a somewhat huge window that can actually shine the light throughout the whole room but still, you can clearly see behind me that this room’s inner part is just dark. We needed to use flash light for better lighting.

In this tour, this room is accessible and is known to be the block D cells. As said earlier, this is their punishment room where they get locked up, in total darkness and some holes on its walls to let freezing breeze enter and made prisoners suffer. Sometimes they make them take off their clothes with no bed and no blankets just to punish them.

Their Audio for the tours are actual recordings from the prisoners, guards, officials and people of Alcatraz who narrated their experience in Alcatraz. While we are walking in this alley and listening to the audios, in some particular spots, the audio narrates what have happened like you are hearing it live! For me, it sounds so disturbing because you can hear the sounds of agony inside such as inmates screaming and fighting, guards hitting their jail cells and some chaos back that very day.

Also, as said in most stories and as what most people said they have experienced:

One of their famous prisoner here is

AL “SCARFACE” CAPONE. He loves to play the banjo so much when he was here and some people said that they can hear the sound of him playing his banjo up to this day... (although he didn’t actually die in Alcatraz).

According to most visitors, this prison is so haunted that they felt eeriness and even some paranormal activities happening in some areas here . That’s why this place had become well known for paranormal enthusiasts and a lot of areas here are restricted for public viewing because of how bad some reports from people feel about the place. Some items that you’ll see here in the cells were actual items owned by the prisoners here that they still keep up to this day.

This is their shower room. It’s actually a huge room and an open area for a shower room. So when they shower here, they are literally naked while taking a bath with hit water.

The battle of Alcatraz is one of the most violent escape attempts on Alcatraz. (Happened on May of 1946)

An inmate named Bernard Paul Coy was a bank robber from Kentucky and he is serving a 26 year sentence. He committed a holdup using a sawed-off shotgun.

Coy devised a plan to escape as he studied the habits of the guards for months! Also, it was believed that he’s been limiting his food intake in order to lose weight.

Then when he finally managed to escape along with his accomplice. He then ambushed one of the guards that was on duty that time, strangled him into unconsciousness with his necktie and desperately searching for the keys but couldnt find the right one.

The key had been concealed by the officer (Miller). He outsmart them by surrendering all of his keys except the most important one.

Two correctional officer died and three inmates. The Inmates were trapped in the utility passage and that is where they were shot to death. The rest of the surviving inmates that was part of the escape was sentenced to death after. This battle lasted for two days! Imagine the terror of everyone that was in there.

The room is said to be closed for tourist to go to since a lot of paranormal activities are happening there up to this day where entities were said to be violent.

This prison cell is sealed with glass and can still be seen in alcatraz. With the inmate's originally owned stuff that they still preserved up to this day.

In Alcatraz, prisoners had four rights:

food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

Everything other than that had to be earned. Like visitation, access to the prison library, and recreational activities. Like painting and music. So for them to be able to acquire access to the things they want they have to be a good inmates who stays out of trouble.

There's this one prisoner who was a doctor and he love paintings, but then his privilege to paint was taken away. He got so depressed and devastated to the point that he chopped his own finger.

There are around 35 inmates who tried to escape but as for the record, no one has officially succeeded. But there were these 3 famous inmates who were believed have escaped but never been found.

This is not a real head but one of the paper mach'e the inmates made to make it look like they are sleeping!!! This head is made out of toilet paper and soap!!! The paint was from maintenance shop and the hair was from the barbershop floor btw! So it really does look real.

You can also see the hole on the wall which is actually the escape route.

Imagine keeping these paper mach'e all those years, this is the original ones the inmates used to pretend as them as they escaped Alcatraz...

Frank Lee Morris along with the Anglin brothers were the ones who are able to escape from Alcatraz. This escape was so great that they even made a movie about it. The movie entitled "Escape from Alcatraz". Because of this, Frank Lee Morris was credited by the prison officials for having superior intelligence as he was believed to be the mastermind of the most famous prison escapes in history.

Glimpse of the Alcatraz Tour

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