A must visit flower farm in Taichung, Taiwan : Houli / Chung - she Flower Farm

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The Houli Flower Garden also known as Chung -she Flower Garden in Taichung Taiwan is known for its gorgeous flower displays and sceneries. Perfect photo opportunity for couples, family, friends or just by yourself. For the price of $150NTD, you get to enter into this attraction and enjoy their fields flooded with flower of different kinds and colors. Often visited by most tourist around the world who was stunned by all the photos going around from people who have been there.

Now, this is a photo of me swimming in the field of flower, oooppps I mean just posing with them. They have different kinds of flowers in the garden and flowers vary per season, so you might not be able to find certain ones at certain times. We went here on February and on a weekday, though you might find this place flooded with crowd instead of flowers on weekends, holidays or peak seasons. So don't plan going on those days because you wouldn't really get to take a decent photos.

This may look fake but these are real tulips with a super attractive colors that would definitely put you in awe seeing them personally. I suggest you bring your camera and be ready to collect photos of beautiful bloomed flowers.

Also enjoy posing with their musical instruments display that would add a vibe to your picture.

Here's a photo of my boyfriend rocking the drummer look as he pretend to play it. And a mountain photo bomber behind him! This is such a great photo.

...and me trying to act like I'm playing the cello. I used our GoPro stick as a stick to look like I am playing it and it worked!

This is actually one of the nicest view you can have your picture taken. A bunch of lavenders almost made me feel like I'm in one of those korean drama series. It really did help to get that effect plus the piano in the middle of the field.

Get to enjoy a lot more inside such as pretending to be driving this truck display...

This is my favorite part of the day because right after this photo was taken... I didn't expect that this will happen next... Will probably write it down on my other blog so I can tell you the details. This photo is just gorgeous, if you were to ask me who took the photo or if we have a photographer, I'd say it's just a self timed photo and was set to get this perfect angle. Thanks to GoPro 6 for providing a clear shot.

Perfect pre nup photo shoot for couples! I don't know but we always ought or maybe I always ought for sweet photo shots like this but he's always on the go for everything. I'm happy we made this trip possible because of his support for my travel dreams.

If you want a full itinerary, tips, tours and more information about Taiwan, you can find it on this link: https://www.howweseeworld.com/taiwan

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