A must see Underground River in Puerto Princesa

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Many of you have heard of Palawan before or if not, maybe one of it's municipality like El Nido, Coron and now the City of Puerto Princesa . Frequenting on news, travel videos, magazines and a lot more exposures, these three major attractions in Palawan have made it's name with it's astonishing natural beauty.

For those of you who have not heard of it yet, I suggest you better start searching because you are missing out!

Puerto Princesa's Underground river was once the longest Underground river in the world measuring 8.2km. Not after the discovery of Yucatan Peninsula which measures about 153km.


  1. It holds one of the world’s most impressive cave systems in the world.

  2. Its karst mountain landscapes and the underground river offers a jaw dropping view of Earth's natural creation.

  3. It contains the richest tree flora.

  4. This being the largest and most valuable limestone forest in Asia.

  5. The property contains a full mountain-to-sea ecosystem.

  6. This Underground river presents a remarkable and an eye catching rock formations.

  7. Puerto Princesa Underground river is part of the NEW 7 NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD.

  8. It is a UNESCO heritage site.

The number of visitors allowed per day in Puerto Princesa Underground River is limited so you must register in advance.

You can either:

  • Book a tour which is the main option so you don't have to hassle and pay a lot more on renting a car and boat or doing paper works .

  • DIY is best if you are traveling in big groups like family or friends and if you know someone in town that would do all the paper works for you.

When going to the underground river which is located approximately 2 hours away from the city, tourists needs to take a short 15-minute boat ride from Sabang. You'll also be seeing a lot more karst mountain ranging from big to small along the way.

Upon arriving, this beautiful beach with such clear luminous green waters, limestone cliffs and the stunning landscapes surrounds it will welcome the guests before they start their journey on your underground river tour.

Don't forget to have your photo taken with this sign as a memorabilia for visiting this place.

The tour starts by registering your name just to keep track of the visitors that comes in and out.

...and a little trekking along the woods with such beautiful forest. Your trail too is wooded floor so it would be comfortable for both oldies and young kids that would want to do the tour.

I am claustrophobic and it gives me a little panic going inside since there's a small and narrow opening in the entrance to the cave. Inside made me feel better as it don't seem to lack air and it is pretty spacious too. Half of the river is brackish which means a mixture of river and salt water.

This tour takes about 45mins inside the first 1.5 kilometers of the cave, even though this underground river is measured about 8.2 km, the rest were still off limits and still under observation for scientist to discover more about the place.

It may seem a little bright inside but it's just my camera's flash, inside is dark that is why we are required to wear headlights or we wont be seeing anything.

Throughout our tour inside the cave, tour guides often joke around the shapes just to make it more entertaining for guest. Although may seem so boring, this incredible art of nature will give you a jaw dropping experience.Tour guides often explains to guest about the stalactite and stalagmite formations found inside the cave.

More Photos From Underground River:

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