10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Dance Class with G-force @ G-Force Dance Center Alabang...

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

1. Booking a Class is Easy!!!

Yes, book with ease online with G-Force through their mobile app (as shown above) which is smart and efficient nowadays as it is technology-wise! Although, if this may seem a little too complicated for you to do, you can always visit and join them at their location near you (Walk-ins are accommodated).

2. Home of the Celebrity Choreographers

When people hears G-Force, one thing comes to mind and it is that they are the Choreographers of famous Filipino Celebrities! They were actually the youngest company to hit the concert scene in the Philippines and abroad. They have establish such name that proves their credibility and I have no question to that.

3. Uncostly Price

To tell you the truth, I myself look up to G-Force since I am a frustrated dancer and knowing this famous group of dancers as my "will-be" dance teacher, it sounded expensive.

Well, it did sound expensive but I was shocked in disbelief to know that I can learn to dance with such great prices that they offer:


*Booked Online - 350php

*Walk-ins - 450php

Limited Time Prices:

*3 Weekday Classes -1000php

*11 Classes -3500php

4. Learn how to move like the G-Force

Ok, do I look like I know what I am doing here? Well let's say that HIP-HOP is not my thing but I look effective here as a dancer right? Come on! LOL. Yes, G-Force are not just your typical dancers but they are dancers with positive attitude, sophistication and poise; that will literally show when they dance and you as a student can acquire as you learn from them.

5. Friendly, Accommodating and Fun Dance Teachers

Who would have thought that dance teachers of G-force are fun! Seriously, I have been joining school dances ever since and professional Choreographers are the one that usually teaches us. It's no fun believe me, I thought from then on that Choreographers are strict and scary but G-Force was actually the other way around.

They thought us to loosen up, be ourselves and enjoy dancing! So now, I am more eager to learn with them because they thought us that dancing is being ourselves and finding our own dance signature. It really helped me to built up such confident, that I can dance without being intimidated with others.

6. Equipped Dance Studio

Make the most out of your dancing experience as they offer you their studio equipped with:

*State-of-the-art cooling, ventilation system.

*Fully-furnished sprung wood flooring.

*Lighting, acoustics and dancing equipment.

...and so much more.

7. Choose a Dance Genre to Your Liking

I did the Hip-Hop and the K-pop class. I could say I can do well in the K-pop class but although I have said that, I still need to improve a lot more. On the other hand which is Hip-hop, I'd say that I have no idea how to Hip-hop dance and so I also choose this class to learn something new and to add some knowledge about a different dance genre.

What I am trying to say is that, you can either choose to dance where you are actually comfortable of or you can give yourself a chance to learn something new. Just try all their classes for you to know what suits you best.

8. Learn from the best

If you are given a chance to learn something, wouldn't you normally choose to learn from the best? Why think about it? If you can learn from the best and with such an affordable price, then why do you need to think twice about it? That's what I did and I can absolutely say that I didn't regret it nor my pocket got hurt, so just do it!

9. Open to All

Wether you are a kid, an adult, a boy, a girl, a man and a woman; or anything in between, you are welcome here! Plus, age doesn't matter!

10. Scheduled Dance Class Changes Weekly

You don't need to worry about not being able to attend in one of the dance class that you wanted, if it seems like it's conflict to your time.

G-Force's dance schedule changes every week, so if you can't make it this week then maybe you can do it on the next one!

You can also ask about the class schedule by contacting them:

- 09178GFORCE (436723).

I've had fun learning with my friends here at G-FORCE DANCE CENTER ALABANG

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