Pampangga City

Is a province in Central Luzon Region of The Philippines. Known as the first Spanish Province in the Philippines. Pampangga derived from the word “Pampang” from which the province’s name originates means “river bank”.

Porac's Atv Adventure:

As a born adventurer, We tend to do things that are thrilling enough to get excited and scared at the same time. Although I am mostly on the scared side, I didn't let that gets in the way and I always ends up trying extreme things.

Porac's known for their extreme adventures such as roller coaster zip line, wall climbing, rope challenge and so much more. I ended up trying their Atv Adventure ride. Paranoid at first, because I never tried driving ever and to think that you have to drive this by yourself you better be really careful and ready. It is not hard since they have a foot break and all you have to do is squeeze on the hand gas power to make it work. 

Of course they will not let you go on your own unready and unprepared. They will be teaching you before you start what there is to learn. So when everything is set and good there will be tour guides that will be driving with you to show you the way. It'll took a good 2 hour ride back and forth.

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As we start, I needed to wear a mask because the place is real dusty due to the volcanic mud flow remains from when the volcano in 1993 erupted. It's called lahar and it is still visible up to this day in that area. I have asthma so I needed to wear this before I get an asthma attack so I recommend that it's best to bring one if you have. They only provide you with helmet.

Anyways, driving the Atv is not really scary for me anymore, I actually find it enjoyable, exciting and thrilling that I wanna start driving more. 

Driving from places to places you will see amazing view that is surrounding the area. I believe they are valleys. The view really add a touch up of the adventure.

If you think that was it, NOPE.

We actually did cross a wild rushing river driving our ATV. It was fun and thrilling at the same time, I felt like a pro doing it and I have crossed the river successfully. 



I loveeeeeee taking pictures. So I wont let it slide by without photo shoots of what we did back here. It's not just picture to show off this place but it's also our picture of good moments that we will surely treasure.

We pull over in this valley for a while just to appreciate the nature's beauty. Indeed, it is wonderful and intricately made for us to enjoy and as long as it's here, hopefully  future generations will get to see this still in years to come, but for now we took this moment to enjoy nature's company. 

Getting back on track. We went to this steaming flow of water on the side of the valley. It's in between warm and hot but we tried soaking our feet for relaxation after a long ride. Aside from the view, theres nothing really in here to see but the drive was extremely fun and thrilling at the same time due to rocky roads we have been into and also the wild river rush that I mention earlier. That sums up to an unforgettable first Atv experienced that we will surely try again some place else.

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