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Casual wear on Hawaiian Winter Days


For a tropical island destination, we seem to think that it is hot all year long. I used to think that Hawaii is just summer every year! but I guess I was proven wrong.

In the midst of December-February, the weather seems to be a little colder and what makes it intolerable was it's breeze! It get's freezing cold when the breeze blows and this happens here in Hawaii. It maybe sunny all day but this breezy-cold-air weather may keep you cold at the same time.

I wear a not so thick long sleeves that will be enough to block the cold breeze and at the same time, feel the warmth touch of the sun.

Let's not forget this is Hawaii, always leave an extra room for your legs to breathe in this not so hot weather or a room for you to soak it in the water.

Just any shoes or flip flops will actually do but I choose to wear a winter shoes from Nike just to complete the style I want. I have cold feet, literally!.

My ready to swim Water proof watch from Nixon.


Hawaiian summer dress

One of the best things I love to wear in Hawaii are these flowing flowery dress! Aside that it goes with a cool breeze, it matches the beach ambiance in a classy looking way.

Wear a crop top tube just to not show a little too much since the dress is a little too revealing.

A cute multi colored watch matching my dress from SWATCH.

This beautiful

inexpensive dress from Charlottes' will totally give you this girly


Last on my list is this cutie pink sandals also from Charlottes'.


A Niki Dri Fit pink T shirt to express the girly side in you.

Girly or Sporty ? BOTH!

How to achieve a sporty look in a girly way? 

Who cares what you wear as long as you are comfortable. 

Mix and match is the key!

A multi colored watch with a touch of pastel colors to make it more girly from swatch! 

Kate Spade pink shoulder bag! I like this style and color, you don't have to be formal to wear these.

Told you! Mix and match is the key. A tennis navy blue skirt brought to you by Adidas!


Cambodian Temple Run

Rubber shoes! Why not? 

In our Cambodia escapade.

Too much walking and climbing and running under the heat, rubber shoes that will also match your dress is a must!

Perfect for your OOTD among the temples, this short sleeves dress is your perfect match! Gives your skin an opening for a breeze in this sunny summer madness in Cambodia.

Cambodia is popular for their temples as they have one of the biggest temple in the world, with that said many have visited Cambodia for that. 

The temples look amazing but there's just too much heat and the sun shines so beautiful in here. 

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