How to get there


 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District


No Charge


Starting at Sisinancun Quancun Museum

-walk to taipei world trade center stop (zuangjing) 

-board the metropolitan bus bl5 toward wuxing

-exit bus at wuxing elem school

-walk to destination

Starting at Taipei Main Station (since our hotel is actually near here)

-board the tamsui -xinyi line train

-exit train at xiangshan

-exit station, follow signs for 2

-walk Songqin street
-at the end of the park, walk the uphill street

-on your right side there's a downhill street

-walk there and you'll see the stairs on your left.

Friendly Advise:

It's better to use MAPS or GMAPS if you're confused about the streets


After all that we have been through today, we still have time and energy thats why we decided not to waste it and though it's getting a little dark we agreed to go hike the elephant mountain since it's just steps it will not be that hard even if it's raining.

Take note! I have asthma, I made sure I have my inhaler but I am not a quitter. Once I started something I will make sure I will finish it no matter how much time I put on it as long as I finish it. So if you think that this hike will be harder, I'd say no! Just a bunch of steps going up.


It was 6 in the evening and the it was pouring, It's getting dark but there are light post along the way so it didn't not bother us. 

It may look like it was the sunlight behind us but the truth it was the light post. 

On the way there we saw Taipei 101 in between this building so we took the chance taking a photo of it.

Halfway there is this deck that lets' you see a little view of the city.

Isn't it worth it? Finally reaching the top and seeing Taipei 101 together with the buildings of 
Taipei. It's best to go here before sunset so you get to enjoy the daylight view and the night view. I am pretty much contented with this shot and will always remember this moment.

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