The unexpected getaway in Dumaguete and what it holds.

Located in one of the islands of the Philippines, Visayas.

 Never before heard as part of the Philippine Island's beauty.

Famous for it's attractive waterfalls, extreme adventures and dolphin sightings 


Philippine's Weather

* Dry Season
December- june
*Wet Season
July - November

How to get there?

From Manila:

- You have to fly from Manila to Dumaguete. That is approximately an hour and 30 minutes.

From Cebu:

- You can fly from Cebu to Dumaguete.

- You can catch a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal.

-From there, take a bus en route to Dumaguete City. (5:30 AM - 6:00 PM). 

From Bacolod:

- Take a bus from South Ceres Terminal in Bacolod City then board a bus en route to Dumaguete City. (5-6 hours) 

Getting around Dumaguete

Public Transportations:

- Tricycle and Jeepney are the main transportation here (The tree wheeler-motor operated vehicle is what we called the tricycle). 

- Prices varies to the places you want to go but prices starts at 12php per person.

- I suggest you to walk outside the airport and take a tricycle from there (tricycle drivers inside the airport tends to charge higher)

Motor bike Rental: 

- This one is also pretty common here in Dumaguete and this is what we did. If you want to have a fully looked of Dumaguete, then this is what's best for you. A lot of tourist do this so they can go to places that public transportations can't reach like mountains and off the beaten path. Also, to save time waiting for public transportations and a lot of transfers!

What you should know?

* Sandurot Festival, more likely to be on the month of September.
*Best time to visit, are in the month of November - May
*Save Money, by walking outside the airport to get tricycle to your hotel
*Rent Motorcycle/Motorbike, it's everywhere in town and it gets you anywhere you want!

Where did we book our Stay?

Aside from it's one of the cheapest site to book your hotel to, you can also actually get awesome discounts, miles points, sweet deals and so much more!
Knowing me, I only go for the best and legit! I'm the woman of doubts and I always want to make sure that my plans wouldn't get ruined.
They also have a good and efficient customer service that you can call to assist your needs and concerns.


* Tricycle (three wheel public transportation): You will find a lot of those in Dumaguete as people mainly use it to get where they need to go and they're available 24 hours.
* Jeepney: The Philippine's national public transportation, mostly are traveling in farther places that does not require tricycle .
* Busses: Also, most commonly used to travel from one town to another and to some other town in the island.
* Ferries: Ships that travels from one island to another. 
* Scooters: Rent from 400php-500php a day

Our ultimate Dumaguete itinerary!!!

Camera Worthy
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Our Ultimate Dumaguete Sample

1st day: Arrival in dumaguete 

- walked outside the airport for cheaper tricycle ride

(..inside 200php to town ..outside 8php to town)

-rent a motorbike 400php a day

-start road tripping!!!

1st stop: drive all the way to TEJERO WHAT TO DO?:


-swimming 60php-90php

-zipline 150-200each

-ATV from 700php-2700php each (30mins-2.5hours)


2nd stop WHAT TO DO?:

-walk at dumaguete's boardwalk

-eat street food beside the bay

-motorbike the whole town .bell church .cathedrals .siliman


2nd day Motorbike all the way to BAIS!!!

WHAT TO DO?: (Be sure you have organized a boat with your tour. No boats available if you walk in)


-dolphin watching

-manjuyod sandbar whole day

- Drive back to dumaguete and visit towns

-explore bais

-explore tanjay

-explore san jose

-explore sibulan


 3rd day APO ISLAND

1st stop: Drive all the way to Zamboanguita (malatapy market)

-You can wait for public boat which you will be renting the boat with others and share the 3000php for boat fare or rent the boat for 3000php


-Renting in APO -boat 700php (to go around the island)

-100php snorkel gears

-100php fins

-100life vest

-100environmental fee (compulsory)


2nd stop: Pulang bato falls

-50php entrance fee

-they have pool inside where you can swim and you can also swim in the waterfalls


3rd stop: Red rock hot spring

-50php entrance fee

4th day Drive to Casaroro falls

-a challenging walk to the falls going up and down through those gigantic rocks (the way was damaged due to storm)

-Drive to Twin lakes

-Be sure to have a gasoline ready because of the steepness of the road.

-Amazing twin lake view

-Amazing road trip ahead going there


That's it!!!! We mostly used gmaps to get to those locations but I'd definitely recommend you to search what to expect in your travel because a traveler should always be ready and alert!!!! For a safer and better exploring experience

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