Twin Lakes

How to get there


Sibulan, Negros Oriental, Philippines


Transportation Fare:

Motorcycle Rental and Gas 


Entrance Fee:

25php (Local)

100php (Non-Filipino)



 10php (Motorcycle)

P25 (Car)

50php (Vans/SUV)


Cottages – 50php

Paddle Boat – 350php

for 6 people


By Car/Scooter:

-From the airport

-then right on Dumaguete North Road (outside airport)

-drive straight ahead to San Jose

-turn left

-drive straight ahead uphill until you see the registration.


-From Sibulan Airport

-ride a PUJ (Public Utility Jeep) going to Amlan  (15php)

-get off at the juncture in La-laan in San Jose.

-hire a motorcycle (habal-habal).  (400php roundtrip)

Friendly Advise:

It's better to use MAPS or GMAPS if you're confused about the streets

It's our very last day and we woke up early to get the most out of Dumaguete and trying to find somewhere to explore. Seeing the signs that points out to Twin Lakes made us just go for it, not knowing what we may have face along the way.

I was going skeptical, we've been driving for half an hour already and all we bump into are roads that goes up hill, down hill and zigzags. Our gas was running low and I am thinking of a way on how are we gonna make it back if we run out of gas because were 5 minutes away to twin lakes and yet a few more very steep road to go. Then, We finally made it to the visitor center. We payed 50php each person for environmental fee, 12php for our scooter parking and luckily they have a liter bottle of gas in which they sell for 100php. So I suggest that If you guys are going here with your scooter or motor bikes, might as well buy a 50php of a liter gas if you want to save up and be ready for the adventure.


Finally, after all the ups and down, U-turns, left and right in which I estimate to be almost a hundred turns in a steep road beside the cliff. It's a mixture of a fascinating and thrilling moments heading up there. In our case it is because we go there on our own without knowing anything about the place. I would say that if you decided to go there on a motorbike and by yourselves, be extra careful so that you don't get into accidents along the way. I can literally see how high we are as we see how little the palm and coconut trees under us are and also those miniature looking houses at the bottom in which I can imagine that falling there will lead us into instant death. We are happy and blessed that we made it safe to the top on our own.


Here you go. Introducing Balinsasayao twin lakes of Sibulan. 


I don't know why but no matter how good I try to take picture of nature's beauty, It's just not as good as I see it. Maybe It's because, no matter how good cameras are or technologies are improving, it's just no match to our eyes.


In every thrilling roads that we travel and after all those bumpy and twirly rides, we can say that we are in awe and satisfied staying and having a relaxing day by the lake. But a little disappointed with myself that I didn't actually put it as part of our itinerary. Heading home from our travel seeking road trip in nearby cities we stumble upon this and my boyfriend decided to explore it since were there. He's more of the on-the-go person and I am very glad that he is. If it was not for him then there's no way that I will be seing this hidden gem. 


Farewell BalinsasayaoTwin Lakes

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Time to go!

I hate to say goodbye specially here because I admit we only spent a little time here but we cant miss our flight which is a few more hours to go. We are in a rush and at the same time being careful.

The road is full of turns and steep roads down hill which we don't want to end up having an accident or end up falling in the cliff.


Since were here, might as well enjoy the views ahead of us. These are the amazing views along the way, It's like you're in the widest view deck in Dumaguete where you can see almost everything from way up there. The ocean, the city and the country-like area in the mountains. Of course I don't even want to miss the amazing part of the trip which is sight seeing along with my amazing boyfriend who drove us safely getting up to the view of the lake and back home safe. The road is beside the cliff so I am panicking a little about it although I should say that the view is nice from up there.

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