A stroll at Garden's by the Bay

After arriving at our hotel, we didn't waste time and plan ahead on what we wanted to do. We didn't bought any pocket wifi device so we had to search everything that we are planning to go to in advance so all we have to do is find that place.

We planned visiting the Gardens by the bay attraction since we can see it from our room we knew that it is the nearest. So we go ahead and find the exit from our hotel and we find us walking to the MRT Station. We saw signs that reads "Gardens by the bay" so we know tha it is the way to it and walk ahead. Upon wandering we saw this amazing underground walkway with murals and mirrors on the wall that is really beautiful.

Below are some photos taken:


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Not bad right? For unexpected attraction.

So we had a good 5mins-10mins of walking from this mural underground to Gardens by the Bay. Thought we are there yet but not too long after seeing unexpected attractions we were lucky to see another one! I did not really get the name of it but it is indeed a good architecture. This open-dome-looking-structure or I would like to call it in that name is astonishing that we get to take a photo of it.


Ok! Moving on, I know were all excited to see the Gardens by the bay already but these beautiful sights just keep on popping up. Right after this wonderful sight we have finally reach Gardens by the bay. The First thing we saw is the map.


On your left is the actual map of Gardens by the bay consisting of 15 attractions that are mostly free for everyone.

Let's Start: 

  • SuperTree Grove

  • Flower Dome

  • Cloud Forest

  • Far east Organization Children's Garden

  • Satay By the Bay

  • The Meadow

  • Silver Garden

  • Golden Garden

  • Dragonfly Lake

  • Dragonfly Bridge

  • Floral Clock

  • Heritage Garden

  • World of Plants

  • Sun Pavilion

  • Planet

While we don't actually go in each and every attraction, we get to enjoy Gardens By the Bay. That is too much walking for our third spot but if you're not fond of walking they have an available shuttle that takes you in each and every stop. Although easy as it may seem, we did not took it because there was a huge line and we do not want to waste our time just lining up. 

More Info:

Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway:  

9am-9pm daily

 Last admission at 8:30pm

Outdoor Garden:  

5am-2am daily

F.E.O Children's Garden:



Shuttle Service:  

9:00am-9:00pm Daily

 Last ticket sale at 8:00pm

A. Supertree Grove

This Tree like structure that is covered with 162900 plants and stands 50 feet tall is one of Singapore's most famous attraction.  Not just that but this also gives off amazing luminous lights at night. Although being famous, you can actually visit them for free. Yes! you've heard that right. Unless you wanted to get to the skywalk which you'll have to pay $6-$8.


Such an amazing view. Look at how tall these tree-like structure, no wonder they were called Supertree. It's amazing how they put modernization together with nature and they are priceless.

Here's more of the view:

B. Flower Dome

If you love flowers, this is the best place for you and for as low as $28 you get to enter both this Flower Dome and their Cloud Forest attraction.

With their thousand-year-old olive trees, Baobabs of the cool-dry Mediterranean, flower displays and so much more.

This climate control conservatory replicates the climate of Mediterranean region like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy. 


This is also considered as the largest green house in the world and is home to 250,000 species of plants. If you are a nature lover, you definitely want to see this place. I have never seen a black flower my whole life and they have it in here and there's so much more unique flowers all over just waiting for you to see.

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I took a picture of some flowers in a close up view just because I want too. I am not a flower person but seeing this I saw myself in awe. These jaw dropping flowers I have never seen before grows in different parts of the world and I get to see them all at once.

There is just so much more to see and all is lovely. From white flowers, yellow, pink, red, orange, purple, blue and black! I have more than enough of this too see which I really did not expect in the first place. But remember, it is illegal to pick flowers in Singapore so don't get tempted at all. 

C. Cloud Forest

Known to its amazing glass house structure, Cloud forest is a man made mountain and waterfalls inside of a conservatory with a controlled temperature similar to the cold mountain. With all that mentioned, the waterfalls was the one that had me jaw dropping for It is the worlds largest indoor waterfalls. I didn't really expect someone would go as far as building a mountain like structure with waterfalls with it indoors but Singapore did.


You will be seeing this right by the door and you'll also be feeling the cold mountain-like temperature inside that is cold and refreshing. 

Will get you a little wet too due of some waters from the falls but not as bad as you will get soaked.


Different REAL plants grows around this small man-made-mountain too that some can only be found in some places of the Earth. 

As you can see some people on the background too, Yes! that is where you explore some more attractions and climb up the stairways before you actually get to the top of it to see the top view of this huge glass house. Isn't it exciting? 

It is really hard to take a photo with it since a lot of people get their selfie there and it is also right by the door which everyone that comes in get so amazed and wanted to take photo with it.

Anyways, pass this stage you will be entering this big sanctuary full of different kinds of plants all around. But getting to the top is the most beautiful part of seeing them.

This is the view from up there.

This is how it looks like on top. Kind of scary because you can see the bottom from where you are standing but don't worry it's safe.

Imagine a day at the park by the river and you see this amazing structures in front of you. A mixture of nature and modernity that is both amazingly beautiful. The fact that you can enjoy this park for free too suits vacation really well and on budget. Aside from that, Dragon Lake do an important part in this garden's ecosystem so it's not just built for display but to help nature maintain it's balance and beauty.

D. Dragonfly Lake

This place is really memorable and kind of romantic as you see a fountain in the middle of the river makes you feel like you are in front a gigantic water fountain with amazing view on the background. Great place to relax, enjoy your moment with family or loved ones.

E. Dragonfly Bridge

Enjoy an amazing walk on this bridge as you see both the Garden and the city view that is located at Gardens by the Bay and is free of charge. 

F. Heritage  Garden

Heritage Garden has a collection of four themed gardens. If you want to know the history and culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups(Chinese, Malay and Colonial) through the fascinating story of plants this is where to go. This is both a good view and a learning adventure not to missed when visiting Gardens by the Bay.

G. Ocbc Skyway

Ocbc is definitely a walk to remember specially for people who are scared of heights but conquered it anyway to experience this skyway. 22 meters high, Ocbc Skyway gives you the panoramic view of Singapore's skyline and an upclose to the Supertrees Structure. Plus this aerial walk of 128 meters at night in which they open the lights that are so luminous it is stunningly amazing and not to be missed.

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H. Floral Clock

Floral Clock's Design draws inspiration from the signature characteristics of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak collection that is surrounded eith different kinds of plants. 

I. Silver Garden

Usually silver Garden is a place for events and you can book it if you want to celebrate your event in it. You can feel free lurking in around this Garden as long as there's no ongoing private event happening in there. This garden shares a beautiful view of the Supertree Grove and Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

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The Exit

After walking through all these wonderful attractions of Garden's by the bay, we planned to do a lot more walking in some other places thinking that would be everything. Well they have this part of the gardens that looks like a park where you can walk around, sit around or even bike around. We choose to sit on the bench for a little rest and it ended to be like a photo shoot.

the bike is coming pose
Getting Ready Pose
Guy-looking pose
looking at each other pose
Still looking at each other pose
im looking at you pose
looking somewhere pose
looking at each other from a far
holding hand pose
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