How to get there


  830, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Fengshan District


No Charge


Fongyi academy - Dadong Park

-Start on Fengming street

-walk towards the main road (zhongzheng road)

-then turn right on zhongzheng road

-then left on guangyuan road

-walk straight and you will see dadong park on your left.

Starting at Zuoying Station - Dadong Park

-board the kaohsiung MRT red line train Toward siaogang

-exit train at formosa blvd

-transfer to the kaohsiung MRT orange line train Toward sizihwan

-exit train at dadong

-exit station follow signs for 1

-walk to theback side of the park


Friendly Advise:

It's better to use MAPS or GMAPS if you're confused about the streets


This is just one of the beautiful parks in Taiwan though this one islocated in Kaoushiung and it kinda attracted my attention because of this beautiful pond and trees in the middle of it plus shiny little gold koi fish. Nothing really is special inside this park aside from this, but since were on the way we just decided to go.


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