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Experience this amazing island's beauty has to offer, where Palawan shows off its finest archipelagic province composed of about 1,780 islands and islets.

This island will put you in awe and will give you an experience you'll never forget in the cheapest way possible.

Philippine's Weather

* Dry Season
December- june
*Wet Season
July - November

How to get there?

From Manila:

- If you are coming from Manila, you can book a flight to BUSUANGA.

From Cebu:

- If you are coming from Cebu, you can also book a flight to BUSUANGA.

*Note: It will only take you about 30mins from Manila to Busuanga.


From Puerto Prinsesa:

- If you are here, you can travel via 2Go Travel. They offer ferries traveling to Coron every Saturdays and wednesdays.

From El Nido and

- If you are here, you can always check out Montenegro Lines ferry.  They have a daily travel to Coron from 6am to 9:30pm.

From Busuanga:

- Upon arriving in Busuanga it's either that you catch a van from the outside of the airport that offers a ride to town or you can make sure that the hotel you are staying offers a roundtrip transfer.

- It takes about 30-45 minutes travel from the airport to town.

- The people in Palawan are honest people so don't be scared that they might over charge you (they wont).

- The prices are pretty much standard so you are getting the right prices all along.

Getting around Coron

Public Transportations:

- Tricycle is the main transportation here (The tree wheeler-motor operated vehicle).

- Prices varies to the places you want to go but prices starts at 10php per person.

- When traveling with the family, you can either talk to your hotel about the transfer and they will arrange it for you,  they will give you a fixed price or you can try deal with tricycle drivers yourself.

- The people in Palawan are honest people so don't be scared that they might over charge you (they wont).

- The prices are pretty much standard so you are getting the right prices all along.

Motor bike Rental: 

- This one is also pretty common here in Coron. If you want to have a fully looked of Coron, then this is what's best for you. A lot of tourist do this so they can go to places that public transportations can't reach like mountains and off the beaten path.

Introducing Coron 

Ranked as the most beautiful island in the world thrice in a row. Beating the beautiful Maldives and the paradise feels of Hawaii. With that said,  I  dare to explore and see its beauty.


Coron Palawan's marine life is oozing with nutrient-rich corals, plenty different kinds of fishes, gigantic clams, amazingly crystal clear waters,  and jaw dropping landscapes of different island formations. From the very land to its ocean's deepest part that human can go, always described to be amazingly beautiful. There's actually more to see in Coron that will definitely leave you speechless. So without further ado, this is how we see Coron...

Best time to GO

You don't want to get stuck in a place you don't know, or travel to a country that is out of your budget, or waste your time going around in circles. Wandering is pretty challenging especially if you are ignorant of the place, culture and people. But don't worry, Coron Palawan islanders are honest and hospitable people.

But heres more of what you should keep in mind:

Summer time in the Philippines is from (March-May). This is the best time to go in Palawan. If you booked on the wrong day you'll pretty much waste your travel because you are more likely not gonna be able to explore the island. They won't allow you to swim if the current is strong, if the tide is high, and if it's raining hard. They will not risk your life just for you to do your tours and there will be nothing you can do about it. So be very sure to book it on summer days!

Today's Weather in the Philippines is stated above.


Where did we stay?

Being in Palawan requires you to stay at least 5 days or more to fully see the whole island and you would want to make sure that you have a nice and safe place to stay specially when you are going on your tours and you will need to leave your stuff behind. We highly recommend this place because we have stayed here for 5 days and met the owner which we can say is very nice and accommodating. They also have package tours that comes with your stay so it is less of a hassle because you'll only have to deal with them and not with different companies. Plus it is very well nature-themed kind of place perfect for relaxing. You can check it out here>>>                                

Where did we book our Stay?

Aside from it's one of the cheapest site to book your hotel to, you can also actually get awesome discounts, miles points, sweet deals and so much more!
Knowing me, I only go for the best and legit! I'm the woman of doubts and I always want to make sure that my plans wouldn't get ruined.
They also have a good and efficient customer service that you can call to assist your needs and concerns.

Must Pack

If you think this is something not worth reading, well you are wrong. I suggest to take your time reading this so that you can get away with spending too much money and enjoy Palawan at its finest.


 Yes, It will be better to buy your own aqua shoes because you will need it every time you swim for safety purposes. Palawan's marine life is very rich and stone fish can be anywhere in the sea. You don't want to be stung by it or you'll surely die. It's venom is so deadly and it can kill humans within seconds. You can rent an aqua shoes in Palawan and it will cause you 300php a day for it.


 Fins or flippers. For better free diving experience you might want to have these because Palawan have a lot of shipwrecks that you might want to explore. A day rent for this one will also cost you 300php.


You would definitely need this! Palawan's ocean is full of amazing coral reefs, fishes, starfishes, giant clams, sea turtles and so much more that you should see. A day rent for this one will cost you 300php.


 Definitely!!! Because there will be a lot of swimming in the ocean, lakes or even hot springs. You'd be burned in no time without sun protection.


 Go Pro or any other camera that you can bring under water. It's a must filmed and picturesque kind of view underneath. You'd definitely don't want to missed that.


Just to be sure that your important things don't get wet or soaked because this trip is an ocean adventure.  

Villa Khadine 

First stop. We have arrived in our villa in which is 30 minutes away from the airport but 10 minutes away from town which is pretty accessible if you want to tour Coron's town. I personally choose this place and will personally recommend this to you. It's not like those fancy hotels you would likely book because aside from staying here, you get to see Coron Islands view plus the adventures you can do in this villa is one of a kind.

1. Nature-themed Vista
2. Hammock for free
3. Pool All You Want

 It is the perfect place for you to stay at if you really want to relax with a nature-themed ambiance.

This place is a bungalow type Modern Nipa hut with a lodge! Yes it is! I love how they thought of building a lodge. So 4-8 people can stay on this type room. They also have a dining area on the outside for a perfect country life aura.

Enjoy Hammock after a tiring day of touring around the island anytime you want. Watch the stars at night until you fall asleep or wait till the sun rise. This is free of charge too! Part of the amenities for all the guest that stays here.

Not tired of swimming in the ocean? No Problemo, They have a pool of their own that they don't charge if you want to use it. Although small, it will be good for a night dip in the pool kind of thing.

4. Enjoy their View deck
5. Kayak by the Mangroves
6. Spas on Site

Enjoy this view on their view deck. Watch the sunrise if you want as they have it in their grounds exclusive only for guests.

Want to kayak by the mangroves? Another thing to explore in their very grounds. 

A payment of 500php-600php per Kayak and it's offered right here! Good for 2 - 3 person a boat.

After this tiring tours I know you'll be wanting to get a spa massage!

We did too and they also offer it here at the villa. Done in this breezy Nipa Huts for a comfy nature ambiance.

Coron's  4 Days/ 3Nights Tour

Villa Khadine's tour includes the following:















I dont wan't to spoil you  the fun but these are my review about the town tour so you know what to expect. It's not out of the ordinary but of course they want you to know more of the place not just their beautiful beach. So here is the review:

1. Coron Baywalk
2. Coron Municipal Plaza
3. Saint Augustine Church

It's more like the park of the city.


But what I like about it is you can see the simplicity of the place. People everywhere enjoying the view, playing basketball, ice cream vendors everywhere plus the view of the mountain which is awesome!

There you will see the town itself. Street food every where, eateries, market, bakeries, diving agencies, souvenir stores, dirty ice cream and so much more. You can buy all that you will need there, but don't expect anything fancy.

Yes, It's a church but nothing aside from that. It's not an old kind of church and it's not an attraction but well maybe they include that in the tour for people who wanted to visit the church as part of their travel.


4. Mt. Tapyas View Deck
5. Maquinit Hotspring

Well, i wasn't really ready for this.


It's like a hike but with stairs and it's a freaking 700 plus something stairs just to inform you. I wasn't ready for it at all nor everyone in our group because nobody have told us that it is part of the tour. I have asthma and it is not easy. But, I made it to the top, no excuses! Lol but they won't force you to go if you don't want to but just to inform you again. No pain, no gain.


I literally felt relieved of all the aches of my body when I get to the top. I see islands, mountains and the sunset.

That is worth those 700 steps.

Maquinit Hot Spring is the Last part of the tour and it is the most relaxing part! (or only the relaxing part)


Since we hiked unexpectedly I guess we need a little dip on this natural Hot spring. I'd say my favorite part of the day. They have tables and stores too that you can use to eat dinner with the family.

Day 2: Coron Island Hopping: Joiners Tour (6 Islands)

 *Kayangan Lake

 *Twin lagoon

 *Siete Picados

 *CYC Beach

 *Banol Beach/ Beach 91

 *Skeleton Wreck


These are the best destination of Coron and you are about to explore them all in one day!

Yes! I had fun with all these islands and got really tired after all the snorkeling, diving and swimming that we did that day. But it is all worth the sunburn, body aches and long rides to get to each islands.

That's why bringing Go Pro, diving gears and snorkeling gears are in my packing list. You'll definitely need all of those through out this adventure. Plus, you dont need to worry about bringing in food because they provide snacks on the boat and drinks and also a lunch buffet in one of the islands that have a crystal clear water to enjoy your little rest time before going into more diving and snorkeling.


1. Kayangan Lake

Considered by tourist, this is the cleanest, greenest and most magical lake there is in Asia.

Its beauty is indeed jaw dropping, I am not even exaggerating. 

If you think this picture is beautiful? I'd say, it's not even in the tip of what beauty it really is seeing it personally. I didn't know this place even exist in our homeland.

It was raining when we took this picture and kinda foggy but it's still beautiful. 

To get here you have to hike to the view deck to see this wonderful Coron island view then you'll be heading to the other side to get in Kayangan Lake. You'll be walking on Kawayan bridge (Bamboo bridge) which actually added to the Lake's Natural Beauty then you'll see yourself just wanting to jump the lake that very moment you see it.

2. Twin Lagoon

Going here is a little challenging because first, you'll have to hold onto someone in the group and while each of us were connected with everybody, the tour guide pulls you as he swim to this twin lagoon

Viola, prepare to be amazed by the wonderful landscape ahead of you as you swim on the other side of the Lagoon.

We Spent a 15-30 minutes break in here and I'd say it is real relaxing. The water is warm, the surroundings are peaceful and breathtaking! This off the beaten path Lagoon is one of the most beautiful Lagoon I have ever seen.

3. Siete Pecados

Now we need to head to another island attraction. The Siete Pecados which means "seven little island" 

Yes, It's another swim into this wonderful bodies of water in Coron, I told you it's gonna be tiring yet worth it! I personally am scared of the ocean. Hearing people die by venomous creatures, got eaten by shark or just by simply drowning. I am paranoid yes but I conquer it all, I just want to jump in the ocean because i can clearly see the bottom of the ocean, that's how luminous and clear their water here.

The beauty of this islands just takes out all that scares me and drive me into joining the snorkeling activity.

The landscapes are truly amazing. This is the first time I went to see different islands

4. Cyc Beach

We kinda swim going to the beach since our boat stayed a little far from the shore. We got life jackets tho so theres no need to worry at all.When we get there we kinda explore the little island and a little hike to the rocky land. Nothing really to see there because it's a small rocky island but the sand is white and the water is clear. Time to just unwind.

5. Banol Beach or Beach 91

Speaking of unwinding, finally this is my favorite part after all that. This beach is popular for this is where they bring guests to eat! Com'n who doesn't want to eat after all that tiring activities we went in this day tour.

Everybody's favorite... EATING!!! that was really tiring and will drive you hungry after all that activities. Worry be gone! They have a buffet for you in this island and you get to stay as long as you want to relax and enjoy Coron's Island.

The kubo (nipa hut) that we stayed onto to eat is really giving that beach vibe. A buffet of which there's fish, seafood, fruits and seaweeds to eat. Totally enjoyed it.

6. Skeleton Wreck

Finally, the last but not the least, this stop is not an island nor beach but it's a Chinese fishing vessel that sink in the oceans of Palawan. It's nice to see how it's so shallow you can free dive to see some marine life living around it. 



  • Pamalican Island

  • North Cay Island

  • South Cay Island


This island is set in the middle of a 7-square-kilometre coral reef. An island of of wealthy Marine Life.

North and South Cay Beach

An island to rest and relax peacefully that is sure far from the city and surrounded by ocean.

This tour, by the name itself will be the tours for reefs and shipwrecks viewing In which you can snorkel or dive to see it.

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