Cebu, Philippines is indeed one of the most well known island in the Philippines. It is also Philippine's  ldest city. 

This island is the most favorite island to be visited by tourist from all over the world. 

Discover stunning waterfalls, serene beaches, cliff diving, swimming with the whale shark and soo much more

Cebu's Weather

November - May
Is the best time to visit Cebu (weather wise) since these are the dry months. 
Although some island tours are best to be visited during these months, your only frustration will be the crowds that will flood the islands as this is the season that really gets crowded.
All island tours are definitely enjoyable with good weather.
These are the rough months as these months are the storm season in the Phillipines. 
Although may be best to be in Cebu these months since you are away from the crowd and not too many visits Cebu during this times. It still can get bad as you wont be enjoying your tours as it may get cancelled due to rough weather.
Because these are the months away from tons of tourist that floods El Nido, best to have the best pictures without people always getting in the way. 

What you should know?

*Book your accommodation in advance in the peak season: 
       Cebu City is a popular island amongst Filipino and Foreign tourist that it gets all fully booked during the peak season which is on "Sinulog". Hotel Rooms, Van transfers and most especially, island tours get fully booked even in two months prior. 
*El Nido isn't that expensive:
      As many may have say that El Nido is not cheap at all, I'd say that "it is" if you compare it to other provinces in the Philippines but compared to other tourist spot in the Philippines, I'd say that it is not. 
Souvenirs are ranging from 10php-100php (50cents-$2)
     The prices in El Nido may sound a bit pricey but  knowing the fact that it is a tourist spot and an island! Most of the goods has to be imported from the mainland and I think it is just  reasonable compared in Manila where everything is really high and a rip off. 
*Bringing Cash is a must:
    Compared before when there was no ATM nor banks available, now there are few ATMs that are available but the only ATM’s that are available in town can get out of money. So, it's safe to say that you must bring money if you don't want to end up with nothing to use for your spendings. Also, not too many stores or restaurants in El Nido accepts credit card or debit card.
*Island hopping is not really kid friendly:
    I'm not saying that kids are not gonna enjoy nor allowed in the tours offered here in El Nido but it gets so rough that may not be suitable for kids. It may not all be kid friendly but there are beaches and islands that are best spent most with families and friends, just not most of it.
*Money Changer are available:
    Now this have been helpful for me, specially that I am the kind of Person who does not want to bring too much cash with me. All I do is send money from my bank account to any of the money changer/Money Transfer outlets here in El Nido to my name through an app. Some that I have seen in the town of El Nido are Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier and Palawan Pawnshop. 
*The Internet is Terrible:
     Well even hotels, coffee shops and restaurants that says they have free Wifi, its connection is really slow that I can't even get my messenger nor facebook to load. 
     Also the fastest connection there will be can only be found in town other than that, all other places have no connection nor network coverage at all.

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