Castro, San Francisco

Ever heard of The Castro in San Francisco? 

Before reading the blogs about it, I myself have no idea what Castro is or if it's worth visiting. As a traveler, I know I should at least give it a look and so we went.

At first, you'll think that Castro is just a place for rainbow colored street, rainbow flags, and rainbow everywhere. But there is actually a deeper meaning for all the rainbows you'll be seeing there.

Harvey Milk is an openly gay San Francisco's Supervisor that was assassinated in 1978. Because of that, it has became the turning point for the community's history. As his death brings the community together and made an activists of almost everyone. Now, The Castro have still been strongly supporting the what we now called, LGBT.

Rainbow colored flags, street, buildings and stuff are displayed as a support for the LGBT community. You will see a lot of that in the Castro District and they even have a yearly celebration held every June 24th for it.

I suggest you give it a try walking on a rainbow pedestrian lanes and the streets of Castro District.

It's a colorful street everywhere!!! 


Not just that but this gay neighborhood isn't just about rainbow everywhere, it also cater good food. From ethnic, modern restaurants, locally sourced organic food and honestly, a lot more to choose from! Best place to be hungry. 

Also, good news for drinkers and party goers, as this district have a lot of good night club to choose from, wether you are straight or not!  


...and also, we get to bump into this area where you can hang out in one of these chairs while eating or waiting for your train or watch these classic trains go by. 

A perfect place to rest too for free, after all the long walks we have been.

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