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Accommodation is actually one of the first thing you should think and plan about when traveling. This part of planning depends on you and where you are comfortable of, but it's a plus to get the cheapest. But as I said to one of my blog post, cheapest does not necessarily mean you're paying less money on accommodation. 

Cheapest accommodation price  means...

1. Paying a cost that is not just cheap or low price but paying what it's worth for.

  • Low priced hotel but inaccessible  ( Hotel a night: $50  / Transportation in and out hotel:$100) NOT WORTH IT.

  • Low priced hotel but inconvenient ( Hotel a night: $50 / No near stores etc. Far from everything.)

  • Low priced hotel but unsafe neighborhood (will cost your life)

So choose the ones that are worth paying for, maybe not the cheapest but a reasonable priced one. 

2. Booking in advance. 

  • Don't book during peak season like summer and holidays, book ahead of time if you are planning to stay on those days. Aside from cheap rooms are the first ones to get full during these seasons, more hotels are raising their prices as well.

  • Even if it's not holiday, summertime or vacation season it's still wise to book your your accommodation early and not in a last minute. They always give discount for the early birds. 

3. Discount, Deals, Freebies...

  • Discounted hotel prices, hotels with deals and freebies are the ones you should look for because it just does not help you save money but it actually gives you more than what you pay for. In some instance, we booked a discounted hotel with free breakfast! That may not sound a lot but how much money do we save on a daily basis if our breakfast are free.

  • or deals like, earning miles point that would give you a free stay. Isn't that the best thing?

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