Bernal Heights Blvd.  San Francisco, CA 94110.

San Francisco's hottest neighborhood.

With that said, as a tourist, we would like to see as to why Bernal Heights have made it's name drove the median sale price of a single family home up 75%. Sounds really interesting huh?

Walking to the streets of Bernal Heights, I really do fell in love with the houses that really look uniformed. 

As a person who is a first time traveler to San Francisco and with not much knowledge about here, I wasn't really expecting anything but heard a lot of good things about it. Being here now amazes me, the city is clean and classy looking almost next to New York.

Hence, It's an uphill neighborhood leading you to Bernal Heights Park that is almost like a hike and I was walking here with my long boots. I've made it though!

You'll see a lot of people walking their dogs, their kids or people who hike up the hill. 

While walking uphill is a real challenge specially when you are wearing boots, in my case I have a long one too. I'd say that it was worth it. You even get to see the skyline and almost all of San Francisco from the top.

Bernal Heights

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