Atlantis Submarines Waikiki







How to get there


  Atlantis Submarines Waikiki – 252 Paoa Pl, Honolulu, HI 96815

$100 USD



Bus from the airport

- Board the bus 19/20 towards Waikiki

Bus from Ala Moana Shopping Center

-board bus 8/23/42 towards Waikiki

Bus from Waikiki (if you're located passed hilton hotel) 

-board bus 8/19/20/42/ towards Ala Moana.

-Get off at Hobron street (infront of Mcdonalds or Ilikai Hotel. 

-From there, walk to the beach.

-look for atlantis booth walking passed hilton's rainbow hotel.

Friendly Advise:

It's better to use MAPS or GMAPS if you're confused about the streets

Waikiki Atlantis Submarine Tour 

This Submarine tour of Atlantis Waikiki gives tourist of Hawaii a chance to see the underwater view of Waikiki. You get to board the Atlantis XIV submarine submerged 100ft below sea water level. From sunken ships, remnants of airliners, and pyramid objects underneath along with Waikiki's marine life.

Just when you get lucky, you will also be able to see sharks, stingrays and schools of fishes along with Waikiki's sea floor. This is an exciting and a new experience for me, to see not just the grounds of Hawaii but also its surface underneath.

BOOKING is as easy as 123. The process is also hassle and stress free which makes everything so convenient.


1. They offer an online booking for this and they also have some discounts on certain months so be sure to always check, you might score.

* Tour duration is about 1 - 2 hours
Adults – $100.00
Child – $38.00

2. Check your email. They will send you the details, maps, and information about the tour.

3. They also offer a free shuttle service around Waikiki so make sure sign up for that especially when you are with the whole family and you don't know around.

That's about it! Told you it's gonna be as easy as 123.

Start The Tour

1. You can start by going at their booth. 

If you wanted to ask about the tour, this office booth they have is where you should ask. But if you already booked online then you should go here on the day of your tour. The booth is where you confirm your presence before going to the port.


Located in between Hilton Hawaiian Village and tropics bar and grill. It is kind of easy to spot since it is near the beach and have signs all over it.


When you get there,  all you have to do is give your name and let them know how many people are booked under your name and after that you can go to the port where you'll get your boarding pass. Be sure to bring your I.D to prove your identity.

Atlantis submarines booth

2. Off we go, A walk to the Port

This is the Ocean that we're gonna explore today, Just look how amazing it is, from the clear waters that reflects the sky, surfers riding the waves and the buildings that surrounds the shore. Now I can't wait to see what is underneath!

Atlantis submarines booth

3. Getting at the Port Area.

Here is where you will get your boarding pass so you can get on the boat going to the submarine. There was a line but we didn't really need to wait too long to get us all accommodated. They also will give you a book to fully know about the tour. Expect the crowd as this is a once in a lifetime chance to get on board a submarine touring around the Waikiki's sea.

Atlantis submarines booth

4. Leaving the Port.

It's been 5 minutes  when we get there and now were all ready to leave. We will be boarding a boat that will transfer us to the location of the submarine since it can't go near the shore. The Captain said that we'll be on the submarine site in 12 minutes. So while were on the boat, we get to enjoy the view of the shore

5. Passing the Surfers Point

I was always by the shore and I didn't really know that surfers rides the waves from that far. Oh well, Theres always a first time for everything. Yes, you will frequently see surfers all over the beach of Waikiki as it is a famous spot for surfers to go to.


6. Waikiki view from the Ocean.

Hawaii is really amazing for its city life by the beach, well it's a small island so it's more like normal to see buildings by the shore. That is why many have been drawn to its beauty. I've been living here for 5 years and I still get to be amazed how beautiful this island is. Enjoy the view as you drift away the shore of Waikiki.  

7. Boarding the Submarine

It is my very first time to get on a submarine, and a working submarine? I ca't help but to get excited for real! Here's a picture of me going on board. Submarine as we all know is submerged under the water so now I have to climb down in this small entry way to the submarine. I already can feel how cold it gets going under, I am both nervous and excited.

8. Glimpse of the inside of the Submarine

We got the cheapest submarine so it's pretty small looking but hey! It's awesome! Kinda blue in here since it's already under the water. We got on the Atlantis XIV, it's a perfect size specially for us asian when it comes to legroom. This submarine can house 48 passengers and is able to go 100ft deep. The legroom is just right and comfortable for us, I am 5'4 and there's still space for me to move around and stand.

9. Window Seat

Don't worry about getting the window seat since everybody's seat is facing the window. Everyone gets to seat fronting the window to the ocean.  You don't need to worry about where you will be seated, everyone is in the front row! We also get to see how thick this glass window is as the tour guide let us see a piece of it. It is heavy and really thick so don't worry that the pressure underwater might break the glass. It won't. Besides, it is really built for it to stand the pressure of water even from 100 feet below.

10. Plenty of Fish

Were not even deep down yet but a school of fish decided to show up already. It feels like they are already aware and used to see the submarine. They kept on showing of and entertaining everyone on board as they swim back and forth.

11. Pyramids Underneath

Nah! Just pyramid shape like fish playing field I guess. The color is because of the absence of light under the sea since were 50ft under now. Still, you get to see it clearly under there since the water is really clear. It gets foggy at times as the wave comes because it takes the sands with it and scatter everywhere.

12. Airplane Wrecks Under

Yes, First time I saw plane remains under the water. Don't worry it is not crashed airplane from above but planes swept away by the storm and is now living underneath for years. Fish do swim around it and is now living there or playing around it.

13. Shipwrecks Of Course

If we can see airplane remains then of course when it comes to ships, theres actually a lot under the ocean. Remains of ships from years ago are still intact and rich in marine life. We actually see more fish in here than outside. The waves are getting stronger even underneath so the fish are hiding on the shipwrecks not to be swept away.

14. The 100ft Ocean Floor

According to our tour guide, there's 1 in 1000 people that can only go 100 ft under the ocean. Well it is creepy looking and nothing really is special just ocean floor and empty. But hey! It's a Great Experience. It's my first time and I am glad to be one of the people who gets to experience it. Since diving seems impossible for me anyways.

 I am glad to share with you my experience here, looking forward to get  back on a much deeper one.

I really do hope this have helped you my fellow travelers a lot.

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