Apo island is found in Negros Oriental Philippines and already have made its name all over the world despite being a small island. It is one of the top 10 dive sites in the world so it's also called as the jewel of the underworld. On top of that, this island is surrounded by hundreds of fishes and marine life. You don't really have to dive down to see its beauty. You can swim with the Sea turtles (Pawikan) or see beautiful coral reefs and different species of fishes right in its shore.

Philippine's Weather

* Dry Season
December- june
*Wet Season
July - November

How to get there?

There's no airport on the island so you can get to it by boat from Dumaguete.


From Manila:

- You have to fly from Manila to Dumaguete. That is approximately an hour and 30 minutes.

From Dumaguete:

- You can either catch a bus or like us we rented a scooter.

- Get off at Malatapay Market

- (It's not hard to find Malatapay Market even driving at night with Google Maps)

(they have a parking lot available on the site too!)

(45minutes-1hour drive)

Commute From Dumaguete:

  • So, from Dumaguete airport, you can ride a tricycle to Ceres bus terminal (near robinson). I know it is 8php-20php depending on how many are you. If you have luggages with you I suggest just give the driver 20php.

  • From Ceres bus you have to get on the bus taking BAYAWAN CITY. It is around 50-60php per head on either an air condition bus or a regular bus.

  • Get off at Malatapay Market. It is on the side of the road so it is easy to find or you can always ask the bus driver to let you know if you're near Malatapay market.

  • Going inside the market you'll see at the very end of the road is the wide ocean and that's where you'll be traveling to get to Apo Island. They have a pier there for boats going to Apo Island.


Commuting to APO ISLAND


Most of the boats were reserved ahead of time but if you are like us who walked in, don't worry! You can still go to Apo without reservation although it will cost you more unless you are with your whole group or you arranged a whole group of travelers without reservation to go with you.

We left super early in the morning, it was 4am and we traveled a 45minutes-1hour ride to Malatapay Market and we arrived there at 5-ish in the morning. We had to go somewhere else since they said food are expensive in there and so we bought food to bring.

Coming back at 6am we are still waiting for the person who manages the boat ride, I kinda fall asleep in their little headquarters there until the lady ask me if we are going Apo Island and we said yes. She told me to wait a little more so she can find someone to go with us and share the boat fare.

Boat fare cost 3000php for a roundtrip ride.


What you should know!

  • Be sure that you wear something you're ok to get wet because the ride to Apo is so exciting it'll get you soaked.

  • As for your stuff, be sure that it is water proof or if not the boat have a storage to put your stuff in to keep it dry.

  • They also have life vest you are required to wear to keep you safe.

  • This all applies when leaving the island.

  • Boat operation to Apo starts at 7:00am and ends at 4:00pm 

  • I suggest you leave the island early or you'll be left stuck in there unless you want to stay over, you can! Because they have inns in there too for people who wants to spend a night at this little island.

  • They won't let any boat operate before 7:00am and after 4:00pm. Strictly!

  • Mobile signal are available but wireless internet is not common since it is an isolated island from the city.

Where did we book our stay?

Aside from it's one of the cheapest site to book your hotel to, you can also actually get awesome discounts, miles points, sweet deals and so much more!
Knowing me, I only go for the best and legit! I'm the woman of doubts and I always want to make sure that my plans wouldn't get ruined.
They also have a good and efficient customer service that you can call to assist your needs and concerns.

Exploring APO ISLAND

Having the opportunity to see it's beauty in which I really didn't have a clue at first, Of course, I planned to go there even we were on Dumaguete. Why? Well because first I want to see the amazing marine life sanctuary of Apo and I'ts very own tourist attraction which is swimming with the Pawikans without the requirements of diving deep. That is a Go!

Welcome to Apo Island!

The Island has a population of only an estimated of a thousand people living in it. It is known for it's famous reef and marine life sanctuary. Also, the Pawikans (sea turtles) that are often seen strolling around. 


100php : environmental fee for preserving the beauty of Apo


700php : boat rent fee

 Big boats are definitely not allowed so we needed to rent another boat because they are really cautious about the coral reefs under the water that big boats can damage. 

100php : for the life jacket

100php : for fins and snorkeling gear


Sneak Peek

I hope you enjoy this video!!!

So that is what you will be expecting on your Apo trip and not just that! This is only the welcoming part, Apo Island have a lot to show off so let's proceed...

Our Ultimate APO ISLAND Adventure

Camera Worthy

10 Things To Do in APO ISLAND

within A DAY!

1. Swimming with Pawikans

As said earlier, swimming with the Pawikans in Apo is a must! Why? because you will want to go to swim with the Pawikans!!! It's swimming and chasing and we love it! It's not like everyday you get to do it. We don't really need to go down deep sea level as they shows up near the shore and hang around there. But don't touch them ok? You don't really want to stress them out or scare them away plus Apo Island is a sanctuary so it is prohibited!

2. Go Around the Island (by boat)

So there are two different ways to go around the island and this is one! You can rent a boat (700php) that you can share with your group so it wouldn't be that expensive that comes a long with a tour guide so that you can go around the Islands of Apo. Exploring the seas, seeing the scenic view of Apo's land and enjoying the waves.

3. Explore the Island Itself ( land tour )

Enjoy seeing the island and the people living in it as you walk around the villages and dogs touring you around! Aren't they nice? They were our little tour guides.

4. Snorkeling Apo's Reefs

Want to see under the sea? Swim and look into Apo Islands reefs and it will make you want to just swim all day long! So prepare your snorkeling gears or if you dont have one, for 100php you get to rent your snorkeling gear for the whole day!

5. Diving beneath its Clear blue Ocean

Well, Apo Island is rich with Marine Life that makes you want to go dive! That is why it is one of the top 10 diving spot in the world! Yes it is and considering that fact I can say it's all can be found here in the Philippines!

6. Light House Hike

Prepare yourselves with this 315 steps way up the Light house hike! As you enjoy the view of light house and also the scenic Apo's shore while walking in the meadow!

7. View Deck Hike

This is my favorite part of Apo next to Pawikan Swim. As we are strolling around we found another hike! It's a rocky climb to the view deck. We really didn't know where we were suppose to go but we just kept on walking. We thought that we have reach the end but this hike is a little bit dangerous so you better be careful. It will feel like you were lost in the mountain's forest but upon reaching the top, there's a Nipa hut at the very edge that serves as a view deck! Isn't it amazing?This  hike with this scenic view from up there.

8. Nipa Hut's View deck

Enjoy a relaxing breezy view deck up the View Deck hike as you get to rest after a long hike! This is the best place to relax and enjoy Apo Islands plus it's free!

9. Take a Picture with their Landmark

Having a picture of their Landmark makes you remember that you've been there and keep it as a record of places you have been. Plus it is really artsy!

10. Enjoy the shore of Apo Island

Have a wonderful  stay as you go swimming and enjoying the beach! It is not crowded and it is so refreshing! Swim Swim Swim

Watch Apo Island with Howweseeworld couple

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